We rarely appreciate the fact that we have been blessed with seemingly clean water to drink & water for domestic purpose. We exploit. When we turn on water tap we don’t really think about millions of other people who need to walk miles and miles to fetch a single pot of drinking water. We forget what is take it for many of us is a boon or blessing for a billion others. We spill oil in sea water, We pollute the areas near drinking water sources We adorn nearly all places with plastic wastes. We burn plastics near the seas & ocean. We don’t have a minute to ensure your water pipe is properly locked - if only we realized the leaked drops are life saving for many others in this world who die without water. We many times forget that the platforms like these are meant to bring that one little change or sow one little thought process - and just keep showing the brighter or seemingly the brighter side of the world! These photographs & clips were shot in one of my ongoing projects in and around Chennai. And one clip from Allepey lake! Lets be the change - comment ur thoughts @unenvironment @leonardodicapriofdn @sea_legacy @ourplanetdaily #water #conservation #conservationphotography #unenvironment #savewater #cleanseas #naturevideo #awareness #snippets #video #thoughts #oceanpollution #drinkingwater #waterscape #pollution #environment #naturephotography #travelvideo #travelblogger #traveller #chennai #itz_chennai #ourplanetdaily #earthfocus #awesome_earth
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Blackboard quote continued... I conclude from the last two quotes that be happy with what your life is, Its good that we cannot erase and re creat something, let's move on and accept everything as it is without erasing and recreate something....
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