When I was going to SMTown concert in Santiago, my flight arrived at the same time as Amber's, I didn't know so I missed the opportunity of record her from a better angle. I was waiting for a better time to leave since my flight arrived so early and I wanted to wait until he sun comes up so I can move to my hotel, when she passed in front of me, talking to a fangirl; she was explaining that she couldn't take her present but she was grateful. I was so shocked because I didn't expect an opportunity like that so I was frozen in my place and I was like OMG it's Amber? but i didn't have my glasses on since I was sleeping in the plane, so I wasn't sure. When I looked for them to make sure it was her, she leaved. I did´t want to stay like that so I followed the way she went and looked for her, I found her in the luggage and I wanted to ask her for a photo, but I didn't wanted to disturb her because she looked tired, so I just took a video from afar and wanting to hide that I was recording her, so she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. That's why the quality is awful, I'm sorry. I was so lucky, I still can't believe it. She’s so gorgeous and kind and I’m so exited 💕💕 #smtowninchile #smtowninsantiago #amberliu #fx #kpop #kpopvideo #kpopalbum #kpopidols
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