Meet Eva Isabella, born on the 16th of July 2018 at 28+1 weighing 1180g. She's now 32 weeks and has recently been fighting a nasty infection & was diagnosed with stage 1 NEC. She was on high flow not long after birth but then went back on CPAP and then got re-intubated a week ago. She went up to 1660g before she got sick but is now down to 1550g as she has been NBM for the last few days. Eva has been fighting like a premmie & is now improving, with the hopes of being extubated in the coming days. There ain't no strong like #premmiestrong! 💕 Sending love to Eva & @jasmine.w.lee, you girls are so brave xx #miraclemumma
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Super shiny Poggy!! Love how amazing he looks at the moment 😍Excited about the next few events we’ve got lined up. But also sad that there is only a few left of the season 😭😭😭 #eventersofinstagram #britisheventing #smallbutmighty #pocketrocket #horsesofinstagram
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Win this exact Pela case fitted for an iPhone 6/6S! Sporting 100% compostable and plastic free phone cases, Pela are a company I can (and will!) get behind. To win, simply follow @sagecollectiveau, tag 3 friends and tell us which #smallbutmighty activities you are carrying out to help change the world! Winner picked in two weeks. 🌱 ***Australia only.
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