Sunsets by the lake and reflections of the trees ☀️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Puestas de sol junto al lago y reflejos de los árboles ☀️
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I have mixed feelings about these kind of faceless belly shots. One the one hand, it’s a closeup shot of your belly, your growing connection to the baby within you, a memory to preserve of what that bump signified at that time, all the love, the hopes, and dreams that are so full within you, all bundled together. I have a picture like this this from my first, and I love it for its simple beauty, and I usually get one of these type images from each maternity shoot. And yet, I am also very apprehensive of the metonymy that reduces pregnant people to their bellies. I hear it a lot as a birth worker: “go to such and such event because their will be a lot of pregnant bellies there” and that sort of thing. I see dangerous trends in maternity care—and the politics that surrounds it—that strips women of their autonomy, as if they were only vessels of their unborn babies. It’s easy enough when pregnant to feel like the life of your baby can engulf your whole personhood. It is at once the joy and danger of motherhood to lose yourself in your children. Does anyone else have these kinds of thoughts of ambivalent feelings about this kind of baby bump images? What do you think? . . . #maternityphotography #maternityshoot #maternityphotoshoot #pregnancyphotoshoot #pregnancyphotography #austinmaternityphotographer #austinmaternityphotography #simplymothers #motherlovecollective #ig_motherhood #mom_hub #gmsx #b1withmoms #igmotherhood #ourmotherhoodstories #momentsinmotherhood #creativepregnancyphotos #dearestviewfinder #createandinspirehub #let_there_be_delight #project_faceless #cys_faceless #sm_faceless #tws_faceless
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We walk these trails often, but he always finds something new to explore. . “You will always be the fire in my heart” 💙BOY MOM LOOP💙 Every Thursday I’m teaming up with a group of mamas to show our love and joys of having all boys! Follow along the loop #boymomloop and leave a ❤️ . Next up is @vironica . .
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Working on his balancing skills! I love to watch them play, and learn to take risks and venture out. ******************************* “Taking the mundane moments from ordinary to extraordinary!” Melissa Haugen (@missmelis1112) hosted a fantastic Clickin Moms’ breakout “Adventure Abounds: Photographing a Carefree Childhood”. We’ve decided to showcase some of our images from the exercises that Melissa challenged us with. This week we are showcasing “Quiet Moments of Play”. Follow the next person in our #ouradventuresabound loop until you make it back here! Next up is the talented @kellygionetphotography . . . #totm_outside #tws_colormespring #sc_theme324 #tcd_water #tpn_spring #sfth_spring #mc_springtime #sm_faceless #tsj_springcolors #let_there_be_delight #chasing_light_phothub #runwildmychild #deeplyauthentic #childhoodunplugged #magicofchildhood #kidsforreal #letthemexplore #littleandbrave #kidsinnature #adventureswithchildren #kidswhoexplore #storyofchildhood #capture_your_stories #dearestviewfinder #thesechildhooddays #childhoodwonders #storyteller_tribe #thiswildlingsoul #createandinspirehub
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Featured Artist: @3li@3little_birds_ Happy Tuesday Everyone! It's Cynthia from modding today! It's always such a treat looking through your beautiful images! I was stopped in my tracks with this very creative shot by @3little_birds_ Nancy takes amazing images and this one blows me away! I love the reflection, but all of those magical spots of bokeh are so incredible! Thanks for sharing Nancy! Simply mother's, simply beautiful. Mod: Tag: #sm_3little_birds_ Tag #simplymothers with your motherhood images! Our monthly theme right now is Faceless so be sure to tag #sm_faceless for a chance to be featured. #ohheymama #motherhoodunplugged #p52radness #getin52 #t_c_c_thisisme #jjitskids_moms #spomh #b1withmoms #ig_motherhood #memoirsofmotherhood #realmotherhoodseries #pho_mom_grapher #beyond_motherhood #motherhoodunhinged #sharetheeverymom
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Some sunny vibes for this rainy day!!! Today will be the last winter day!!! . Yay!!! Some warm weather is expected for the rest of the week and so on. . We are planning a trip for this weekend and I cannot wait for share all the pictures I will take in this place!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~||~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ¡Algunas vibraciones soleadas para este día lluvioso! Hoy será el último día de invierno !!! . ¡¡¡Hurra!!! Se espera algo de clima cálido durante el resto de la semana y así sucesivamente. . Estamos planeando un viaje para este fin de semana y no puedo esperar para compartir todas las fotos que tomaré en ese lugar.
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I’ve been waiting to post this. I don’t know why... but mostly because I love it and I have really high hopes that others will love it as much as I do. There is so much power in this single photograph. I believe with everything in me that there is no force on the entire planet that shows us the love of God stronger than the love between mother and child. There is absolutely nothing that could ever separate my love from my child. I will pick her up every time she falls with the same grace and love time and time again. And that’s how much Jesus loves us. That’s powerful stuff, y’all. Kiss your babies, and savor each tender moment with them. These days pass so quickly and they are such a gift to us. Okay, word vomit ending now.
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