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A Beautiful Morning in Maldives 🇲🇻 📷 IG : @davidauer_
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Happy belated ❤️ Day, everyone! I had a grand plan to bake for St. Valentine’s Day but the universe chose to keep me a bit longer in Vancouver, under the pretext of a major snowstorm. ❄️💨❄️ So, instead, I decided to post about my trip to a quaint town, Radovljica, in the northern part of Slovenia, last fall. Our guide made sure to make a stop there after she learned about my passion for baking. This gem of a town is located within 6 kilometers from the famous lake Bled, which is worth a post of its own. Radovljica is particularly known for two unique museums. One is a Museum of Apiculture, that is everything about beekeeping. Slovenia has absolutely amazing honey, and the museum holds a vast collection of beehives. And the second museum is dedicated to honey-based cookies, called ‘lect’. The cookies are made from scratch following an old tradition and cut into different shapes. The most prevalent cookie is honey-based heart, or ‘lectovo srce’, painted into bright red color and iced with beautiful traditional motifs. I especially loved a heart-shaped cookie with lace on top as intricate lace-making by hand I s another craft Slovenia is famous for. These bright cookies are often given as gifts on festive occasions, and they are not meant to be eaten but rather hung at home in a visible place to bring fortune and love to the household. I like the idea of giving heart-shaped cookies, representing love, all year round. Sharing love should be an everyday gift. If you are in the area, stop by this charming old town where the time seems to stop. The lovely ladies at the museum wear traditional Slovenian costumes and are happy to show you around and let you watch them make the cookies. The museum also has a nice cafe upstairs serving traditional Slovenian food with a spectacular view on the mountains.
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