8 hours sleep in 48 hours!! And probably not much more tonight!! This is the sacrifice a mum makes for the comfort of our poorly little Harps ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #harpergrace #teethingcold #warmnights #sleepdeprivation #mumyslove
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Did you know your child also can suffer the consequences of sleep deprivation? Here is a list of EFFECTS OF SLEEP DEPRIVATION IN CHILDREN: - Difficulty concentrating - Irritability - Inability to play independently - Inability to absorb and learn from the environment - Decreased appetite - Increased crying during the day - Low immunity - Obesity - Mood disturbance #childsleep #sleepdeprivation #sleepconsultant #sleepwellsleepyhead #babysleep #toddlersleep
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C E D A R W O O D { topically & aromatically } Easily my favorite essential oil! It’s warm woodsy aroma is calming yet powerful. Here are some ways you can use cedarwood: . . . . . 🌿Diffuse for a restful nights sleep [We diffuse cedarwood + lavender + peace and calming every night and sleep like ((well sleep trained)) babies] 🌿Apply topically to skin conditions such as eczema, acne or psoriasis 🌿Add a couple drops to scalp or shampoo to inhibit hair loss 🌿Diffuse or apply topically to improve focus and memory 🌿Can apply topically to wounds and cuts because of its antiseptic properties
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Before kids I used to suffer from insomnia. Now I feel like I can sleep even standing up if necessary. Nearly four years of not enough sleep is taking its toll on me. I usually have two “I’m going to drop somewhere” crises during a day. One around 1:30-2 pm after putting Alma to sleep, I think my body is trying to give me a hint I should nap when she naps. Askar benefits from the first one because this is when mummy has cup of tea with something sweet to wake me up, and he has some chocolate or cake with me. The second one happens around 5 pm. I’m usually like: “I’m not having any caffeine because I won’t be able to sleep, I won’t be having any sweets because it’s nearly tea time, I can’t do this anymore! I still have to bath them, do they need a bath? If I just wipe them with wet wipes or wash their hands and faces is it enough? Surely they don’t need washing every day, they aren’t dirty, they only smeared themselves in mud from head to toe they don’t need a flipping bath. Being dirty is healthy, it’s been proven over cleaning is bad for immunity. What are we eating? Will they eat what I cooked? Is ham healthy enough or is it going to cause them health problems because it’s full of sodium nitrate?” I should really stop reading articles that cause me anxieties. If my husband comes home around 5 pm I’m in a bad state, by 5:30 I’m usually over my daily meltdown, organised again and just counting minutes before 7. As soon as cbeebies goes to bed I’m like “teeth now, wee wee now, why aren’t you in your pyjamas it’s 7:05, I don’t care if it’s still light outside, common, common bed bed, bed now!!!”. Ben usually thinks I’m a bit crazy and “does it matter if they go to bed a bit later?”. Yes, it f….ng does. The only time he rushed bed time was when he was looking after them both from 3:30 to 5:30 and by 6:45 he was like: “Is it bed time? Let’s just put them to bed now, why aren’t they in bed yet”. It’s not like I don’t like my kids or anything. #keepingitreal #noglamour #sleepdeprivation #mumlife
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How I started third year vs how I ended it. Time to hibernate and catch up on some sleep. See you guys in like a bajillion years. ✌️ . . . #medschool #medstudent #medicine #work #workhard #grind #survived #sleepdeprivation #sleepy #neverleavingbed
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Make sure you check out this t-shirt. 🇺🇸 made. Buy via link in profile. #sleepyboy #nightowl #cantsleep #sleepyboys #sleepingonthejob #bedtime #sleepdeprivation #sleeper #sleepisfortherich #sleepyaf
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Happy 11 weeks to my sweet Nevaeh 💕 . . That sweet face and your ever-increasing number of squishy rolls make the sleepless nights worth it. . .
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