In chronological order of last weekend’s festivities, featuring spawn sled drags, most of our Friday Night Lights crew, paintball round 2, and crossfitters playing dodgeball #Paintball #sleddrags #crossfit #crossfitfamily #coloradocrossfit
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The plate loading on the squat and floor press bars and sled drag made almost as happy as my session today 😀 Where were u @tr_howard ? Did u Blast last night? . . . . #gymlife #weighttraining
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Taking care of our health and fitness! Keeping mummy on her toes is our job 🙋‍♀️ @precisionfitnessau #healthandfitness #precisionfitness #sleddrags #identicaltwins
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*insert generic quote about how I’m willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES even if it means dragging a sled when it’s dark and cold.* You won’t hear that stuff from me. Doing what it takes to reach whatever goals I’ve set for myself is a prerogative I take upon my own volition. I don’t need reinforcement, nor do I request praise from external sources. I am truly grateful that I’m able to train four times a week. And that I’ve been able to do it for the last decade. I digress, and turn to what I actually aim to discuss with this post...all caps because that means it’s important. SLED WORK...if you’ve got one in your gym, use it. I think it’s a valuable tool. This is my go to if shit just isn’t feeling good on a lower body day. Do you want to build some muscle on your legs and hips? Improve the strength of them? To recover faster at the same time? Drag the sled. You can buy one for $100 and open the door to a ton of assistance movements and build your lifts without further stressing your joints. Hell, you can make one if you have a scrap yard, a few bucks, and some time. I made this one 12 years ago with a $20 piece of steel, a broken crowbar, and a piece of chain. I’ve been dragging it since. It’s had a couple of tune ups since then. My sled has seen me at my strongest, and at my very weakest. Some level of specificity is important, and dragging the sled gets a lot of criticism for not being very specific. I’m not telling you that I think you should stop squatting and strictly pull the sled around a parking lot. I’m telling you that I think you should squat AND pull the sled around the parking lot. With no eccentric, it’s low impact. It’s a great way to increase the work that your legs do without having to just simply do more squat volume. This is a long game sport. The herd thins as time goes by. It’s likely you feel that your next total is the most important one if your life. You’ll think that about the next one, too. It’s easy to be a short game powerlifter. But when it’s time to do meet number 10, 15, 20...will you be healthy enough to perform? I encourage you to keep the importance of longevity in your headspace. Beast mode gets old quick.
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Sled drags coupled with farmers..(80kgs & 40kgs) taxing work on lower body this morning..this is a new favourite #metabolicconditioning #loadedcarries #brutal #trainoutside #sleddrags #kettlebells #squats #farmerswalks #trainliketeddy #worktofatigue
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What an awesome day yesterday. Kolson with 2 first place finishes and my nephew with 3 second place finishes. So happy and proud of you guys. You two did wonderful. #sleddrags #arcticcat #teamlmracing Thanks Nick for making the boys have a really fun day.
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Last night i tweaked my hamstring pretty bad, soon to get it checked out. Happened during my first working set of the night and i was already not feeling the best. So i listened to my body and post-poned my Strongman session. In other news.. heres some sled pulls from Wednesday last week 😁😁😁 @adonisathleticspenrith #strongman #strongmantraining #adonisathletics #adonisbuilt #wherethestrongbelong #sle#sleds #sledpull #sled #run
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