MINA FAVORIT 💦SETTING SPRAYS . Att avsluta din makeuprutin med ett Setting Spray gör så att makeupen håller sig fräsch hela dagen och kvällen! Ett Setting Spray (eller fixeringsspray som det även kallas) håller sminket på plats, men det kan även ha andra egenskaper som att matta ner blank hy eller ge lyster. Ett matt Setting Spray är perfekt för dig som har benägenhet att bli blank, är du torr och fuktfattig ska du satsa på ett settingspray som återfuktar. . 💦MAC - Fix+ Jag använder denna till vardags när jag sminkar mig till jobbet eller under helgen, den håller makeupen på plats. Finns även i Matt version (Fix+ Matte) för dig som har lätt för att bli blank. Jag har lätt för att bli blank i T-zonen men jag har aldrig upplevt att denna gör mig blank. . 💦Urban Decay - All Nighter Jag använder denna när jag har mer tyngre makeup på mig, ifall jag ska ut på festligheter för att den ska hålla sminket på plats och jag upplever även att makeupen inte lägger sig i finare linjer samt får hela looken att se flawless ut. Den är även kliniskt testad för oss med känslig hy. ________________________________________________ MY FAVOURITE SETTINGSPRAY’S💦 Finishing your makeup routine with a setting spray makes your makeup staying fresh all day and evening! A Setting Spray holds the makeup in place, but it can also have other festures such as mattifying glossy skin or give it shine. A matte setting spray is perfect for those who have tendencies to become glossy, if you are dry and low in moisture you should invest in a setting spray that moisturizes. . 💦MAC - Fix + I use this for my everyday makeup routine for work or during the weekend, it keeps the makeup in place. Also available in the Matte version (Fix + Matte) for those who get easily shiny. It’s easy for my skin to get shiny in the T-zone but I have never experienced that MAC Fix+ makes my skin shiny. . 💦Urban Decay - All Nighter I use this when I have more heavy makeup on, when I go out to festivities to keep the makeup in place and I also feel that the makeup does not fall into my fine lines and makes the whole look more flawless. It is also clinically tested for us with sensitive skin. #skincare #settingspray #hudvård
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Our HA Serum enhances radiance to achieve an effortless gorgeous glow. ✨✨💕🌸 . . Cruelty free. Paraben free. PEG free. Get a FREE GIFT when you buy now until 9 November. *T&C apply. Available to purchase now at theecochicbeauty.com #theecochic #theecochicbeauty #ecobeauty #greenbeauty #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine #non#nontoxicskincare #allnatural #cleanskincare #beauty #nontoxicskincare #skincareblogger #luxuryskincare #cleanbeauty #crueltyfree #nontoxicbeauty #texturetuesday
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🇺🇸Yesterday I received this amazing bag from @the@theoriginalflatlayco. It's just perfect and I will show you in more details soon. I have a lot of freebies from @lar@larocheposay_es that it gifted me at @myb@mybeautypartysevilla I used to use Effaclar K and Effaclar duo in the past. I loved both of them. Do you know the brand? 🇪🇦Ayer recibí este precioso necéser de @theoriginalflatlayco. Es perfecto. Os lo quiero enseñas en más detalles pronto. También tengo muchas muestras de @larocheposay_es, que recibí en @mybeautypartysevilla. Antes usaba la Effaclar duo and Effaclar K y me encantaban. ¿Conocéis esta marca? skincareaddict #ski#skincareobssesed #ski#skincarecommunity #cos#cosmeticacoreanaña #kbeauty #skincare #ski#skinkorea #skincareroutine #skinkorea #cosmeticacoreana #koreancosmetics #kbeautycommunity #skcarelover #skiblogger #instalovecrew #skincarecommunity #skincarereview #koreabeautyproduct #koreaskincare #skincarelovers365 #abbloguer #flatlay #beautiesvilla
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I recently listened to the @theecowell podcast on misinformation with @samfarmer_co and @ninnicby. I suggest everyone give it a watch because it was so insightful. I feel like sustainable ingredients are such an important thing because we don’t want to make something go extinct or use something up in an damaging way. It goes to say that just because something is natural it doesn’t mean it that it is sustainable no matter what anyone says. For example take rose flower oil (rosa damascena) it takes 10,000lbs or 4535kg (4 tones) of rose petals to make only 454g or 1lbs of rose flower oil now imagine how much rose petals you’d need on a industrial scale to make all of that oil for a year!! That is not sustainable so why shouldn’t we make synthetic ingredients in a lab that are molecularly identical to their natural version it it means cutting down our carbon footprint and be just that little bit kinder to our environment. If we can create the same ingredients in a lab in a shorter amount of time with less of a carbon footprint then I’m all for it! Again it goes back to my last post ASK QUESTIONS! If a brand says they are sustainable ask them what they are doing to be sustainable, what are they doing to replace what they took, what steps are they taking to make sure they aren’t harming the environment. . . . . #bbloggers #sco#scottishbloggers #ski#ski#skincareie #bea#beautyblog #glasgowblogger #skincare #beautyguru #beautyjunkie #beautyblog #scottishbloggers #shinyhappybloggers #skincare #wakeupandmakeup #skincareaddict #skincarecommunity #skincareroutine #skincarescience #rosedamascena #rosefloweroil #roseextract #sustainability #sustainablecosmetics
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Don't you just love receiving packages? I love getting stuff online because as soon as I receive them, it's like receiving a gift from me, to me! 😂 Unboxing my 2 loots from Lazada. Items: Box 1: @wynora 🔆 Dear Klairs Gentle Black Cleansing Puff 🔆 Dear Klairs Gentle Black Sugar Charcoal Soap 🔆 CosRX Oil Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion with Birch Sap 🔆 Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream 🔆 CosRX Low pH BHA Overnight Mask Box 2: MY Metholatum 🔆 Hada Labo AHA BHA Set for Normal/Oily Skin Full Size. Will do a review of each item soon! 💛 #oil#oilyskin #oilyskincaretips #oilyskin #oilysister
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-DIEN CHAN ZONE- __________ I’ve been learning online in facial reflexology & came across something that is called the Dien Chan Zone. Mapping out your face to different parts of your body but with a tool to help with all this! Being able to focus on certain areas to relieve any pain within or body aswell as helping the skin too! ___________ Using @deciem the ordinary hyaluronic acid as a slight glide for the tool & of course amazing hydration. Video tutorial coming soon ❤️ • #skincare #skincarecommunity #texturetuesday #skincareblogger #die#dienchan #facialreflexology #reflexology #selfmassage #yingyang #skincarejunkie #beauty #instaskincare #instaskincarecommunity #follow #skincaretutorial #tuesday #guasha #liverpoolbloggers #mobilefacial #mobileliverpool #dienchantools #dienchan #earreflexology
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REVIEW So I finished #imfrom Ginseng Mask and I’m going to miss it! 🐕 Claims: Formulated with concentrated ginseng extract, this mask is designed to naturally open pores and deeply cleanse while replenishing the necessary nourishment for healthier, younger skin. 🐕 Star ingredients: red ginseng, licorice root extract, peony root extract, angelica root extract, rhubarb extract, hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans and hyaluronic acid. 🐕 My experience: This is one of the most unique masks I’ve tried. It has a similar consistency and texture to honey. It spreads easily, though, and you’re suppose to massage it into the skin and then you feel the mask heating up (weird, right? 😅). After washing it off my skin looks clean and plump! The one thing I don’t like about this mask is that it contains fragrance among its ingredients. It is true that it is at the end of the ingredients list, but it really is not necessary to include it 🤷‍♀️ Have you tried this mask or any ginseng product? ☺️🐕🐾
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Erbjudande! Just nu får du en 5ml herbal face oil på köpet när du köper två produkter av uppmärksammade och prisbelönta @marinamiraclesweden 💚 - Vi har skrivit flera inlägg om Marina Miracle i vår blogg, bland annat om deras prisregn och en (enligt oss) väldigt lyckad intervju med grundaren Marina själv med fokus på probiotika som finns i många av hennes produkter! Länkar intervjun i bio om ni vill läsa mer om Marina, produkterna, probiotika och deras arbete med hållbarhet🍀
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