I don’t know if you heard, but Hawaii just made most sunscreens illegal to bring into the state, because of all the damage the toxic and synthetic ingredients are doing to the coral reefs and their ecosystem. I’m sure other places will soon be following suit. That’s one of the reasons I’m super excited about our new SPF 50 mineral sunscreen! Not only is it recommended by the skin cancer foundation to help prevent skin cancer, it’s 100% natural and REEF SAFE. You can bring this baby on all of your adventures anywhere in the world! I love the 10 SPF one that we got last year, and this new one has even more staying power! And a little goes such a long way - this one bottle last a long time! Are you ready for your summer vacation?
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MELANOMA! Australia’s national cancer: one person will die every 5 hours from Melanoma in Australia. Melanoma kills more young Australians (20-39yo) than any other single cancer. Your skin check-up should be considered just - if not more - important than your bi annually Pap Smear. Remember friends: Fake it, don’t bake it. • • • • • • * #melanoma #skincancer #cancerawareness #sun#sunshinecoast #queensland #summer #slipslopslap #cancercouncil #sunshine
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Three Hits and 20 Stitches to the Chest 👊 Thank you to everyone for your support ❤️ Doing really well, in no pain, just time to rest up and comeback stronger 🤙 Strong reminder about getting your skin checked regularly and Slip, Slop, Slap when outside 🤘😁 #day168 #skincancer #cancer #awareness #bcc #skincheck #stitches #reminder #slipslopslap #thankyou #recovery #addittothelist
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Asportazione e ricostruzione di un carcinoma spinocellulare « a colpo d’unghia » dell’ala nasale. É stato eseguito un lembo di rotazione V-O che permetterà di ottenere una cicatrice poco visibile e di piccole dimensioni. Ottima alternativa al lembo bilobato. #stu#ioreginamariapia #chirurgiamaxillofacciale #chirurgiaplastica # thefaceyouneed#facialaesthetics #facialplasticsurgery #facialplasticsurgeon #nosereconstruction #nose#skincancer #ostia
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The new legislation in Hawaii is cracking down on the environmental affects of your sunscreen products and the aquatic environment. Does your suncare brand need to conform to the new bill? If so, Freelance Formulations can help by reformulating your products to comply with this new legislation. Contact us today at hello@freelanceformulations.com #spf #sun#sun #sunscreen #savethecoral #reefsafe #savetheenvironment #protectyourskin #skinprotection #sun #skincancer
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I’ve struggled for the past several years with pre-cancerous spots on my lips from too many years of lack of sun protection. I wore sunscreen religiously on the rest of my body, but forgot my lips, and now they usually look like I’ve been biting them due to two spots that almost look like teeth marks. Don’t make the same mistake I did - protect the thin, delicate skin on your lips!! 💋☀️ Check out my IG story to see how...
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