J'ai toujours trouvé à Matisse un air hautain, limite arrogant. Mais quelle couleur! Quelle couleur mes amis! Ses paysages du sud, ses portraits fauves, même ses portraits de poissons rouges sont resplendissants! ⠀ #matisse #henrimatisse #peintre #pintor #painter #tableau #artiste #croquisdenus #portrait #illustration #dessin #drawing #retrato #dibujo #sketching
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As promised, here is an introduction of one of the main characters of my story that will be made into a novel and a comic in about 20 years (I hope). The story takes place in a fantasy world, but has many elements of our history in it. I'm actually quite nervous to put this out here, but you are all kind people and so I will be brave 😉. This is Clay. He is half indian (and I mean what people today call Native American) , half caucasian. The first years of his childhood were spent in his Indian tribe, exploring the world, fishing, learning how to use a bow. When he is about 5 years old, white people take him away from his family and take him to a School where they want to make him into a "civilized" person. (These schools really existed in America's history and were called Carlisle Indian Industrial School) He gets bullied a lot there and so when he meets a recruter for the Rebels (who want to overthrow the three kingdoms), Clay starts training with him to take his revenge. He eventually joins the Rebels and becomes a strong warrior, most of the time torn between his urge for justice and revenge and on the other hand a deep longing for peace. But as in all stories, it will get a lot worse before it gets good. That's all I'm revealing for now. Thank you for reading and if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask... Have a great day! 🦒
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#Шотландия, лето 1998 года - это моя первая «настоящая» заграница🤗 Эдинбург, Глазго, Дамфрис🌿 Я чувствовала себя невероятно круто, когда в Шереметьево объявили наш рейс до Лондона 🙈🙈🙈 Хотя, если честно, то я бы и сейчас себя так почувствовала👑🥂😁
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