Alright y’all. Going to #London next month. Give me your recommendations of things to do and see!!! #BlackGirlsTravel #TravelNoire #SistasWithSuitcases #blacktravel
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> N E W O N M Y B L O G I LOVE photographing abroad. I love photographing generally, but there’s something about being abroad and being somewhere new that makes it all the more exciting and inspiring. For this shoot, I had the pleasure of photographing someone that I have known for over twenty years. Fatima Bakare (@fbakare) a level-headed, gym bunny who shares my love for kizomba dancing not to mention a kick-ass solicitor-turned-barrister. Here are a few pictures from the shoot. - - To read the full post, head over to my website, link in my bio. - - If you are interested in a photoshoot, feel free to send me an e-mail at [email protected] I would love to here from you. #tanyaweekesphotography #tweekesportraits [Photography: @tanyaweekes]
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> T H E G A M B I A This was my fourth time in Gambia but my first time visiting the South of the country which is where we were when I spotted these boys. They were hanging around the school gates behind my friends house. They happily posed for pictures. Thanks to @wanderingbrown for the behind the scenes footage. #tweekestravels #tweekesportraits
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> T H E G A M B I A Another shot from the @airbnb I stayed at in Bijilo, Gambia... it had all these cool balcony areas, perfect for pics. Thanks to @kebbalicius for the collaboration and hosting my stay at @homevillagm. #tanyaweekes #tweekestravels #oladexstyles
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> W O R K M O D E One of the shots from the @browncoconutoil shoot I did whilst in The Gambia. Thanks to @wanderingbrown for assisting. #tanyaweekes
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> T H E G A M B I A Sipping #attya and finding excuses to feature this chair on my feed because I love the print and bamboo structure. There are so many great prints in West Africa. #tweekestravels #tanyaweekes @oladexstyles
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> T H E G A M B I A Quick selfie... just moved into a new place a bit closer to the beach which we found through @airbnb called @homevillagm. The family we are staying with are really lovely. They are in the process of setting up their Instagram account, but if you’re ever in The Gambia you can check them out. That being said, special thanks to @kebbalicius for the collaboration and hosting my stay. #tweekestravels #tanyaweekes
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