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Episode 2, Welcoming Sidney Larrence C: hey Aubrie. Can we talk? A: is it important? I'm kind of eating a hot dog. C: yeah it's pretty important. A: Catalina you don't look too good. Are you okay? C: aubrie, I'm pregnant.. I'll be 9 weeks tomorrow.. A: oh shit I thought you were serious! Stop playing and let me eat my hot dog. C: Aubrie, I'm serious. A: Wait, that means.. when the hell did you have sex?! #thesims #ts4 #the#thesims4 #thesims4 #thesims4story #sims #sims4
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I AM 𝙔𝙐𝙆𝙄 5TH member of GIRLFRIENDS!!! 💋
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(2/2)🔞Dirk’s POV🔞 Marisol sat down and the judge asked for Romeo’s testimony. I sat in the back and comforted Carlo. “Whatever happens, my love for you will never change.” I said. “If you end up with him, I’ll always be your daddy. Nothing changes. I will always be here for you.” He looked up, tears in his eyes and watched his father speak. “Hello everyone. My name is Romeo Santos and I am Carlo’s father. Not the man comforting my son; me. I haven’t been in my son’s life but in my defense, I thought my family was dead. I searched for years. I’ve been stuck on this island for 6 years and all I’ve wanted was to be a great father. I don’t want that hombre taking care of my son. I don’t know him nor do I wish to know him.” I scoffed and muttered “pompous asshole.” He took a breath and continued,” but I’m willing to settle for joint custody. I’d never take my son away from his mother intentionally. Marisol is a good mother just like hers before her. May she Rest In Peace.” He tanked everyone and stepped down. “Well, I’ve heard from both sides and I’ve come to a decision. Mrs. Dreamer, you will have full custody of Carlo Juan Romero-Santos for most of the year and his father will have him on holidays. This will be the agreement until the boy is 18. Court Adjourned.” Judge Fyres said and banged her gavel. Romeo walked over to Marisol and shook her hand. “I look forward to our agreement, Mari.” He said politely. She smiled and nodded. He and his lawyer left the room and her smile went away. “At least I get to keep you, baby.” She said as she turned around. “Go catch up with your dad.” I said to him. “Okay.” He got up and walked out the courtroom. I walked up to Marisol and grabbed her hand. “Thank you for being here but where is our daughter?” She said in a concerned tone. “She’s safe with Butler Shayne. How are you?” I said changing the subject. “I’m frustrated but I’ll take the win.” She said as she looked me in the eyes. The paparazzi was snapping pictures outside the courtroom and I held her close. She pulled my face to hers and we shared a passionate kiss. “I’m not moving back in, Dirk.” She said softly and walked away.
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Roxy is out !!! Who’s next ♥️ —— —— —— —— #sim#sims> #eliminated #eliminationgame #whosnext #cla#claresiobhan #claresiobhan #simseliminationgame #sims #simstagram #clarecallery @clarecallery 🌹
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