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You are so welcome love. So happy you like it. Love always Heart and Soul. #Repost @nicole444_fallenangel with @get_repost ・・・ Blessed to be gifted with this crocheted masterpiece of a blanket, created by my best friend & soul sister, possessing one of the kindest hearts and most beautiful spirits, I have ever met in this lifetime... Becky, @hook_me__up - I love it more than words can say! Thank u for taking the time to make such a special gift!!!🤗🤗🌊💙💙💙 • Def tagged by more people than I can count for a selfie- so here u go!! Enjoy it now bc I fucking hate selfies, so chances are u won't see another one for months!😂😂😂... (If I leave anyone out who tagged me, I'm sorry!🙏🙏🙏)... @poetica_noir @phoenixdreamtime11 @lunar_escapades @thedevilschaos @theangelinthedarkness @mystic_epitome @makeloveyourmotto @lostinjensthoughts • • #selfie #fuck selfies #inkinnovators #herheartpoetry #writingaddictscommunity #heartofpoets #heartofpoetslgbt #communityofpoetry #newcopoetry #thehallofpoetry #doortooursouls #veinheartartisans #voicesofpoets #globalwordsmiths #worldwidepoetry #wildflowerwarriors #poetrypod #packpoetry #theoracleschoice #silverleafpoetry #bymepoetry #bymepoetrylove #wordswithqueens #untwineme #untwineusa #poetryisart #poetryisnotdead #fallenangelpoetry
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Things I'll tell you over a bottle of Jagermeister: i] I don't know how to pronounce Jagermeister. ii] I haven't changed my covers in weeks because it smells like the last time we had sex and the pillows rustling sound like your last I love you. iii] I know what my eulogy sounds like. iv] My mother brought a lover home one night and for years now he's resembled the monster under my bed. v] I think I fear everything in me that makes me a monster, as obvious to you as the one caged and as oblivious to you as the one sitting beside you. vi] Paris isn't Paris without us. Even Notre Dame set itself on fire so you'd read about it in the papers and see what Paris looked like without you and me. vii] Please break me before you leave me. At least we'll get a good poem out of it. viii] Love is a language I'll never master and as time passes it is getting as bad as my French. ix] I try hard to save everyone because every night it feels a little too late to save myself. x] The nasty drunk on the 24th street wrote me a poem for a dollar and bought biscuits to feed his stray dog. xi] I've been writing love letters to death everyday now and still haven't received one back yet. Do I sound too needy? xii] Petrichor is my favourite word. xiii] She hasn't touched me in ten years and the monsters below my skin have made friends with the ones under my bed. xiv] My mother doesn't know me. xv] I haven't been in love with you for ten days now and your name on my tongue feels foreign and this lie is getting easier to tell each day. xvi] Silence is a song that played on repeat the day you left. xvii] Loneliness is the only thing I can call my own because even my poems look like your absence. xviii] If you read me a poem, I'll let you lie to me again. xix] If someone asked me about myself, I would write a poem about you. xx] My favourite word is petrichor only because your name isn't on the dictionary. ©sex_n_cigarettes Art by Lucyna Lazarska
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