Huge shout out to @teamdiverse these guys rolled into the @slammedenuff @slammedenufftexas event together all cars bannered up they all was in their Baseball tops with their team names and stayed after and grabbed a picture together Definitely one of my Favorite teams at the show. @battleoftheclubs #mcslick #showclosermcslick
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Was Just Messing Around and did this For my Laptop #showclosermcslick @mcslick #mcslick @officialcricut
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Just wanna post this Up and show that I have been Hosting some nasty Two Step Comps since 2011 as you can see here two great cars and my Friend Billy from @needpowdercoating S2000 destroys the Supra. Thanks @seriousinnovations for the throwback Video #mcslick #showclosermcslick #head2Head #2stepcompetition
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This was my weekend great event in Ohio thank you all so much for Rocking out with me #showcloserMcSlick Thank you @tri_state_motorsports @importfaceoffofficial @krispy Looking for forward to see everyone this weekend in Vegas For the @elite_tuner Show Let’s Go #McSlick
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This right here is one cool ass dude! Thanks for rocking the shirt to a huge show man! Always being a humble dude, we appreciate you slick! #HondAliens #tunerevolution #mcslick #showclosermcslick #fresh #humble #honda #acura
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While you were all sleeping on the East Coast @mcslick was Keeping the gamblers from concentrating on their gambling @elite_tuner #2stepcontest #showclosermcslick @voodooride
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In life, there are going to be many things that knock you down. . But, if you have the willingness to keep getting back up, nothing can stop you. . Your response to your experiences is what shapes you as a person. If you are stepping out of your comfort zone, there are going to be hard times. Hard times are just life teaching you how to be the stronger, wiser version of yourself. . If you are at your breaking point, remember that failure and rejection most often come before success. . Jay Z spent the early part of his career getting rejected from record labels. . Oprah was fired from a local station for being “unfit for television”. . Jack Ma was rejected from Harvard 10 times and couldn’t even land a job at KFC China. . Elon Musk was at the brink of bankruptcy with Tesla and Space X, several times. . Don’t wish for things to be different or complain about the challenges you are facing. That will do nothing to change the course of your future. . Instead, believe in yourself, have a passion for what you are doing, be humble enough to know that you will get knocked down, and be dedicated enough to keep getting back up. #mcslick #showclosermcslick #slicktegrabuild
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