I figured as a shark lover and protector I had a duty to investigate the newly released film The Meg. I admit that I entered the movie with high expectations that it might not conform to the typical negative portrayal of sharks, but even acknowledging this, I was highly disappointed. The shark shown in the movie not only conformed to the negative stereotypes of sharks, but it further instilled a fear of sharks in the general public. In reality sharks are less of a danger than many things that are not feared (2nd pic). The false perception of sharks furthers detrimental human behavior, such as finning, which ultimately has led to them becoming endangered. If you watched this movie please disregard the message entirely and begin spreading shark love!! We need to save sharks not fear them. They are endangered and need our help!
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Would love to find a bait ball frenzy one day. RepostBy @scottwilsonimagery: "As we chased the sun Home diving birds alerted us to this bait ball. We jumped into a vortex of whirling fish, being devoured by oceanic white tip , silky and whaler sharks. Strike teams of tuna and mackerel also took turns belting the schooling bait. Such an incredible finish to another epic Solomon Islands day at @driftwoodlodge “ Don't forget to follow:➡ @falling_love_sharks 😎 ✅ 😍 ✅🐶💓 🌸 Tag & Share with your Friends⤵ ➖ 🎬Directed by @sharkaddicts2 #sharkweek #sharkfishing #sharkteeth #sharktooth #sharklife #sharklover #sharkfacegang #whaleshark #greatwhiteshark #sharkattack
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Sharks are just beautiful! They need to be appreciated for the amazing creatures that they are. Post from @sharksdaily a great shark account! #shark #sharks #sav#savesharks #sharky #whiteshark #sha#sharklove> #savesharks #greatwhiteshark #sharklove #sharklife #sharksofinstagram #saveoursharks
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