Hey guys! My school is hosting the Seussical Jr. which is directed by Tony Schick, the music directed by April Block, and choreographed by Julian Adair! I fully insist spreading the word around and hopefully we can get lots of seats taken! Beveridge Magnet Middle is placed in Omaha Nebraska, and I really hope I can see you come! I do not play any major roles as a Jungle Citizen, but I really am enjoying acting and singing and dancing with the cast! It is so much fun and the set is probably the most colorful thing I’ve ever seen! If you want to help me, spread the word! Thank you! And sorry for the inactivity! To share, just put these hashtags below and screenshot the image and repost! #seu#seussjr #beveridgemagnetmiddle #seuss #musicaljr
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. Seuss pre. “Fun,Fun,Fun” . 大阪・心斎橋BAR STACHE’Sにて このあと19:00 BAR OPEN! ※チャージ500yen . Seuss LIVEは20:00〜 『American Graffiti』をテーマにカバーも織り交ぜてお送りします! お近くの方は一杯飲みに遊びに来てください🍹 . こちらのアカウントにてLIVE配信も予定しています。遠方の方でSeuss気になってる!という方、もし良かったら観てください〜! . #seuss #funfunfun #secondroyal
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When costumes are taking over the house.... #bustles #birdgirl
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