#sergeivinogradov 여름별장 이라는 제목처럼 어느여름날 한적한 휴식을 취하는 여인의 뒷모습이 좋다 휴식속에 차분함과 청량감이 드는 느낌 #그림이_나에게_말을걸다 오늘 1시넘어서 이지랑 그이랑 공원산책하는데 바람이 너무나 좋았다 나무사이로 부는 바람에 마냥 좋았다
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Sergei Vinogradov. This was going to be a mini rant about Orthodoxy but instead it’s about goodness. Goodness is like the cock a doodle doo of a rooster, the smell of lilac so beautifully photographed by so many here. Goodness is the fact that some super clever boffins created Instagram and now loads of people have thriving careers, really a phone and an imagination. I think that’s great. Goodness in my case was coffee and cake and much much more in Paul Morel’s cottage - yes it does exist. Goodness is the feel good factor of Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Goodness has compound interest. We can be so wrapped up in being, we forget to see it. So wrapped up in the day we forget to send it out. Goodness. #orthodoxy #wednesday #sergeivinogradov #russianart #thanks
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