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This is the definition of setting a #boundary . Say “No” to the toxic things that don’t bring meaning into your life. I use to struggle with saying no because I didn’t want people to dislike me . But saying yes all the time causes people to mistreat you and run you over. Kind souls like myself get take advantage. So I’m becoming better at saying “No” & changing my mind on toxic things. Don’t be afraid to set this as your boundary . They don’t have to like you. But they will respect you ✊🏽. First step to #lovingyourself 💘. #selflove #selflovefirst #selflovematters #selfloveclub #selflovebringsbeauty #selflovemovement #selflovejourney #selflovetips
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It’s not a race to see how many kale smoothies you can make in a week. It’s not important if you know more about meditation than the average person. It’s not about showing off your crazy workout on instagram. No one cares if you know all the rules of the paleo diet and enjoy calling everyone out on their mistakes. It’s about feeling good. That’s it. Stop making health a competition—make it a lifestyle instead. You’re doing this so YOU can feel amazing and so YOU have the energy, endurance and vitality to live life fully. It’s all so YOU can show up as the best version of yourself for your partner, your friends and your family. Stop focusing on becoming the best at “healthing” and start focusing on being the best at “living”. Instead of obsessing over every single detail and what you’re doing wrong step back and remember why you chose to live a healthy lifestyle in the first place. Most likely it was because you wanted to look, feel and perform better. It’s a big world, don’t forget to get out and enjoy life, there’s always time to eat that salad when you get home...
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