Vi tror att självmedkänsla gör oss egoistiska, men all forskning pekar mot att den vaccinerar oss mot stress. Om du behandlar dig själv med värme, förståelse och vänlighet - kommer det kännas naturligt att ge andra samma omsorg. Så börja idag med att fråga dig själv "hur kan jag stötta mig själv idag?" . . . #stress #stresshantering #stresspodden #återhämtning #självmedkänsla #selfcompassion #självsnäll
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I mean it when I say 'I feel like a corpse, among the lively ones'. . I'm the loneliest person imaginable. . People watch me from afar. But can't tell that I want them to talk to me cause of my emotionless expression... . I think to myself that maybe I'm scaring them. . Maybe I'm too emotionless. Or maybe its cause I'm quiet. . I really don't have anything to say. So. I don't talk. . But then when I do. For some reason it always ends up in a dead end. . And the conversation stops. . In my spare time I read a lot. . I'm in the ‘library’ reading away, trying hard to escape somewhere less sterile. . So maybe its my fault. . But in the back of my mind... I can't help but want someone to bring me back to reality. . But things like that don't happen. That's the kind of stuff that only happens in movies. . And my life is like a single verse being repeated, over and over. . I'm honestly lost for words. So I can't explain it. But right now I'm just holding onto hope. . Melancholy. . Like as if I'm living in a moment, but not really living. . I'm just simply cataloguing it so I can remember it later. . When I have time to think. . Or maybe I'll relive the same exact moment in a dream, only to regret waking in the morning. . Cause now it’s more time that I've wasted. . What I'm trying to say. . Is that sometimes I feel utterly hopeless, which is conflicting me. . I'm alone. But not at the same time. . But I'm without company. . Maybe I have things I'd like to talk about. Which is also conflicting to what I'm saying... . But maybe its just that some things are better left untold. Or maybe there things for someone on the same wave length as me. . I wanna be strong. . But I already am. . But even the strongest have weaknesses. . And I'm no different. . Yet when your life is so private. . People only see me for my strengths. . And then they forget that I'm weak. . And probably assume I'm strong enough to... . Bare it all by myself. . With whatever it is. . I'm tired now. . Mentally that is. . Sleep well. #lifeasnanalee _ copyright © Music: Where Am I Going Site: _
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I’m glowing from our live group call tonight!! We went 30 min over but I felt so energized by the discussion and seeing the epiphanies and transformations among the women in our small group program. .. .. So exited to co-create this program with this perfect group of ladies committed to being the change they want to see in their blended families. Such an inspiration. .. .. Feeling so blessed to be a vessel for deep transformation, and a witness to miracles. Thanks to my amazing bunch of ladies who put their faith in me to guide them through this process, so happy to serve 🤗🤗🤗 .. .. Last week to join us, link in bio. .. .. Now on to a little rest and relaxation after a job well done 🥰🤗😊
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Being mindful is not “clearing” your mind or thinking of nothing. It’s actually quite the opposite. The concept is to be fully immersed in something, without judgement. It’s the act of noticing. It’s the ability to “lean in”. . It’s so easy to be distracted and engage in multi-tasking. Our culture actually rewards it! Try doing the opposite, just sit with one thing, one acknowledgement. Your body and mind with thank you ❤️
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Yippeee! Next Tuesday I am teaching my first yin yoga student teacher class! So excited (oh and a bit nervous) and am settling down now on this sunny day to write the class sequence. I’m thinking a theme of self compassion and patience. What do you think? . . Love to have any keen IG friends there - it’s at 11 am at Summer Healing Carnegie for 75 mins - arrive early for check in etc . Bookings through Mindbody app but DM me or comment below if you’d like more details . . . . . . #yinyoga #selflove #selfcompassion #patience #summerhealing
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You are enough. You are kind. You are smart. You are brave. You are you. If no one else has told you, I am telling you. Just as you are, you are enough. ❤️ . . I hope you all had a great day! #youareenough #selflove #lov#loveself #love #selfcare #quotes #selfworth #believeinyourself #positivevibes #youareworthy #selfesteem #youarebeautiful #motivational #youareloved #happiness #inspirationoftheday #bebrave #selfcompassion #peace #breathe #yougotthis #amandamichelleloves
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We act, think and feel based on the unconscious lens of our younger versions’ pains. Waking up from this and get out of the pattern through understanding our inner children, join my self love sunday class this weekened @bucubali , March 24th, 3:30 PM. RSVP. 90 minutes 120K . . #love#unity#selflove#radicalselfove#compassion#selfcompassion#selfloveclass#mohiniloveproject#bali#awake#awaken#emotionalintelligence #emotionalgrowth#authenticity#authenticself#healing#innerchildren image credit @dwiperkasa83
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