If only this was real...👋🏼🤭💗{W}; — {Follow @gomezhollywood for more like this🔥} — @selenagomez #selenagomez #selenator #selenators #justinbieber
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The reason why I’m really inactive again is: -I have a shitload of homework left/to do. -I have a deadline coming up within 3 days where I have to finish 4 assignments, otherwise I get rejected for my third year in college... -I have missed a lot of lessons after my surgery, so I have to get up to date with all of them again. -I have a lot of stress lately. -I am now for the fifth day in a row sick. -My body is in a lot of pain, I’m extremely tired and mentally I’m not really okay too. But don’t worry I’m still here, you can always dm me. I won’t be posting a lot, but there wouldn’t come an end to mixerperrie 😉☺️.
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