I made this video for the light of my life, an angel who saved me, my queen @arianagrande Please protect my little candy no matter does it costs cause she is the only one who can make me happy and make me laugh and made my days perfect please💫 I miss her, I really do, but im sure she's working hard for us, her babies..🌹 She is only a human so dont hate her, dont blame her she doesn't deserve it! She saved us, our saviour💕💎 Ariana we love you, we are always here for you💛 #arianagrande
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Selena wants to play with our minds and I know something is coming on April 6 and if you do not believe me, look at this. In the picture that she sees in the pool on the side you see "4FT6" 4 = April F = Friday T = The 6 = Day 6 And another curious fact is that in his state of Instagram has a part that says "Will and Grace are life", the funny thing is that season 9 the last episode will be released on April 6, coincidence ?. I do not think so SG2 is coming and is coming, listen to what I say @SelenaGomez • • • #Sel#Selenaz #Selena #Selenator #Selenators #Fans
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Should i start making edits? #selenagomez #sel#selenator> #selenator #selenaedits #fanedits
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❤💋❤💋❤ #selenagomez #selenator
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Shoutout for shoutout??? #selenagomez #sel#selenators #selenator
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