This warm weather makes me want to grab a bestie, some stained glass and head to the mountains!
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由珠寶小姐冠軍佩戴 #雛鳳 🥰超美 #SARITA
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Christmas always comes early in the Kaiser home #secondgeneration #toys
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Just want you all to know what a fun day I’m having! And to say THANK YOU. For the love and support, and for buying up all my earrings to give to your loved ones! Holiday gifting has always been tough for me. All the consumerism and waste and getting things I don’t need... and don’t even get me started about White Elephant.. it’s always just left me feeling... bad. But this year I am on the other side of receiving and it’s giving me a feeling of overwhelming gratitude. To be able to make something special with my hands that you all want to give to someone you love, and knowing you won’t have those feelings like I used to when you know it’s a crummy gift, but instead a handcrafted, one of a kind, second generation glass artist gift made with TONS of love by a perfectionistic maniac, haha... you guys don’t know what this means to me! Thank you all. Much Love and Happy Holidays 😎♥️ -Emmy #handmadegifts #stainedglassearrings #letthelightshinethrough #glassjewelry #oneofakind #handcrafted #secondgeneration #stainedglassartist #grateful #gratitude #givingisbetterthanreceiving #maker #happyholidays2018
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