Just finished building my 3rd microscope by cannibalizing old ones. Budgets are tight everywhere - being thrifty & mechanical pays off. #girlswithtools #scienceteacher
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Hi, it's Cait here, and so you all get to know me a little better, I am going to do 30 facts about myself 1. I am 19 2. My birthday is April 7th 3. I have two sisters and a brother (all older) 4. I live in England 5. My favourite animals are monkeys 6. I love cacti's 7. I currently study Business and I.T 8. My next step is to go to Uni and study Business Management 9. I would eventually like to own my own business 10. I have only been on a plane once but that trip had to end early because of a family emergency 11. I have met one of my internet friends 12. My favourite food is a chicken, mayo wrap 13. My favourite drink is Fanta Fruit Twist 14. I love to play minigolf and tennis 15. My favourite past time is watching YouTube videos 16. I Love The Sims 17. I absolutely love reading 18. My favourite thing in my room is my desk 19. the thing that makes me happiest is seeing the ones I love happy 20. I love using bath bombs, and shower products 21. I hate HATE coconut and anything coconut scented 22. I have a boyfriend 23. My biggest fear is spiders, they scare the hell out of me 24. I would like 3 tattoos at some point 25. I was able to meet one of my idols @britmacrae in July 2018 alongside my internet friend 26. I can't eat breakfast as it makes me ill 27. I am working to become a better me 28. I'm a gamer 29. I have a metal plate in my elbow 30. I'm far from perfect, but I'll forever try to be the best I can be . #fac#fac#fact>tme #facts #factsdaily #fact #knowledge #factsoflife #didyouknow #factstho #factsb #factss #dailyfacts #factsonly #facts_of_mind #funfacts #factz #interestingfacts #allfacts #knowledgeispower #factsonfacts #truefacts #science #worldfacts #scienceiscool #realfacts #7facts #sciencefictionart #scienceteacher #sciencefair #sciencerules #scienceexperiment
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If I had more time with the experiments it would be still be just as bad. 😂 #chemistrymemes #thesis @neurosciencememes
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gonna try a thing! setting up them #pocketpoints for a trial run. if it works, I'll start it full force next year in all my classes. 🤞🤞 #letsdothis shout out to @estherbrunat for the heads up on this app! 👍🏻😁 * * * #newinstagram #teacherinstagram #highschoolteacher #scienceteacher #cellphoneaddiction
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