So last night the receptionist told us this is the most haunted place in Australia....right before we went to bed 😩 Lovely!! @qstation . . #hauntedhouse #haunting #scarystuff #bumpinthenight ghostsandghouls #hauntedhotel #ghosttours #noordinaryhotel #darkhistory #gulp!!!!!
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So. Here we go. Me and HEALTHY body. Gonna keep up eating extra as I think to be honest my set point is higher than this and this is my minimum but I guess I’ll just keep following my dietitian and see what happens 🤷‍♀️ #scarystuff . Ps, before I get any hate, if you have something to say about my wonky arse mirror then go check out my dancing video recently and you’ll see that it really is that wonky!! . #eatingdisorderrecovery #foodisfuel #anorexia #anorexic #anorexiarecovery #EDthoughts #EDrecovery #depression #anxiety #edwarrior #edfighter #rec#recoveryior #strongnotskinny #autism #autistic #anorexiabattle #gettingstrong #recovery #realrecovery #hospital #inpatient #inpatientrecovery #selfie #hea#healthybody #healthy
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Before and after photo of a not so great experience in the backcountry. All too often social media only portrays the pretty, the view, and glorifies the adventure. It doesnt show the risks we assume when following our passion. It's taken me a few days to process this trip and to be able to share it. We were hiking to Bow Glacier Falls, nothing too crazy, actually a beautiful trail, and we knew there was the risk of rain but nothing we hadn't hiked in before. But we were camping the night before with no cell service, and unable to check the radar. Add in the incredibly smokey skies, the roar of the waterfall, and we were unaware of the storm that was approaching directly above us. It was a direct hit, and we were sitting ducks, as the sky went black and the mountain storm unleashed itself above our heads. In the path of a receding glacier, canyon walls on both sides, and no where to take cover. We knew we were in the strike zone, with mere seconds in between the crash of thunder and the flash of lightning. We could feel it up the backs of our necks, in our fingertips, and smell the ozone in the air. Running as fast as we could, throwing ourselves into the lightning position when we felt it was coming. Then the hail came. It pummeled us and caused the canyon to begin to flood. We barely made it. It's actually a miracle we all got to the treeline uninjured. My point is this....Instagram is a wonderful tool for inspiration, but you have to have the experience and the knowledge to be in these places safely. It's so important to be prepared, take a first aid course, carry a Spot or Inreach devise and do your research. 9 times out of 10 you wont need it, but on that 10th time you will be glad you did. I still have some lingering anxiety over this experience, and a new respect for storms. You wont find me out there any time soon. Big thanks to my friends for being there for me during an epic meltdown in the treeline.
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