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Street car rolling in style #SBGarage
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Dreams and dedication
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No more dirty white rims that I can never keep clean for more than a 10min drive. [15x10 -25et]
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Another race weekend with @nasanorcal has come to an end! Today in Race 1, I started on pole and crossed the finish line in first while the rest of the field battled amongst each other. Post tech inspection found that I had a NB (newer chassis) rear upright/knuckle on the on the left rear of the car which was non compliant , so I was disqualified (doh!) 🤦‍♂️. It was not my intent to cheat and was an honest mistake, but that’s racing! Luckily, I was able to find the correct part from a fellow racer and with the help of my brother, we were able to install it in time for Race 2. After starting dead last, I passed 24 cars and set the fastest lap of the race which put me 5th overall out of 33 entries in Spec Miata. After the race ended, I appealed my earlier disqualification ruling and it was overturned, but I was still placed in last place for race 1 results. I’ll take that over a DQ any day! Time to learn from my mistakes and prepare for the next race weekend. Thank you to everyone for their support this weekend! ____________________________________________ #haagperformance #sbgarage #miatacage #glocbrakes #cuscousa #toyotires #mazdamotorsports #nasanorcal #sonomaraceway #kaizen #wanganstyle #jinbaittai #nothingcomeseasy #braap
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Race car things #Sparco #SBGarage
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