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Regrann from @faith_feeder - 🔥GOD’S PLANS ARE BIGGER🔥 Have you ever felt like God couldn’t use you because of your past? That God somehow can’t fix you because of how messed up you are? Have you ever felt or do you feel right now that because of your past, mistakes you’ve made, or because of sin that God somehow over looks you. You think to yourself: “How could God fix me? I’m such a dysfunctional wreck. How could God bless me? Im such a sinner. How could God use me with my tainted record.” Well I’m here to tell you that despite of what happened, what you’ve done, your upbringing, how you were raised, what was done to you, the mistakes you’ve made, and all of your flaws, GOD STILL HAS A PLAN FOR YOU!! His plan is bigger than your past! Bigger than any mistake and bigger than any sin you think is holding you back. Let me tell you; your sin doesn’t shame God. It doesn’t phase Him. He already dealt with it on the cross 2,000 years ago, and if you’ll just give it to Him; He could give you a brand new start—a new beginning, a second chance. God has a plan for your life regardless of how messed up you think you are or how far you feel. God could turn it all around and do great and amazing things for you and through you! It’s never too late. All you have to do is give it all to Jesus! Give Him your life and give Him full responsibility of your future. He has a plan for you that’s bigger than you could ever dream! But all you have to do is surrender it all to Him. Don’t let guilt, shame, and condemnation hold you back. Jesus gave it all for you past, present, and future. Your past is already taken care of and God’s plans for you are way bigger. Your future is ahead of you! Your best days are beyond the cross Jesus Christ. Receive the newness that Jesus is offering you. Say goodbye to the past and welcome the bigger than big future that God has planned for you. Amen! 👉Like, Comment, Tag a friend👈 #God #Faith #Amen #Truth #JesusIsLord #ShareTheGoodNews #WordOfGod #Bible #Blessed #Love #At1WithGod #Christian #Christianity #Pray #DailyScripture #FatherSonHolySpirit #Saved #Redeemed #FaithFilled #GodPlan #Bigger - #regrann
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I don't know what you have been going through, but remember: * Rest in the LORD * Spend good time with Him; He hill speak to your heart! Then, go to the Battle!!! " The Sun Always Shines After The Storm " God bless you! @marquitosbelo
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