Felicidad San Sebastián, Basque, España Octubre 2019 . . . #travel #sansebastian #basquecountry #spain
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Álex Monner, @gretafernandez, Eduard Fernández Festival de cine de San Sebastián @sansebastianfes Kursaal @kursaaldonostia 25.09.2019
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Me and Maisie swam out you know. Felt kinda far with a camera but wouldn’t have been that far without one. No fins. There’s a podium floating in the water off a beach in San Sebastián. I made Maisie run and jump. Then I made her climb up onto the podium and run and jump again. She said she wanted to do it again but I told her I didn’t need her to. I already had a shot I liked. This photo is from the third jump. We both smiled and swam back to shore.
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