Hidden away in the small print of wraps, patches, pills and keto drinks, there’s typically a line that states that everyone should supplement with a healthy diet and exercise routine otherwise you won’t get the best results or they will not be maintained. 🤔 . My translation: You don’t need that other shit! . Feed your body what it needs. Supplement it with the nutrients modern diets don’t have. And just move your body! 🤯 Mind blowing, right?? . Be the person who can give credit to themselves for doing the hard work. ❤️
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@msbarbellbarbie in our female “Squat Cues” shirt, chasing that off season pump! Squat cues are reminders for specific things to pay attention to throughout the movement. The inspiration for this shirt came from the squat cues mixed with a common nursery rhyme, it also challenges the myth that knees should never track over toes. | | #gambaathletics #gyminspiration #workoutlife #powerlifting #lifttoconquer #squat #cro#crossfit #musclenerd #gainsfordays #gymlife #GirlsWhoLift #benchpress #powerlifter #crossfit #olympiclifting #deadlift #bodybuilding #sandiego #gainsgainsgains #transformationstory #iamgambafit #sandiegofitness
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She wears her demons proudly, but that’s a party you won’t ever want to be late to 🖤 #PlayingWithFire
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Follow this man @andyfrisella. His words will get ya going!!!! Regrann from @1stphorm - 1st Phorm CEO @andyfrisella: “They called you a loser. . They called you fat. . They said you’d never make it. . They said you were too stupid. . They said youre too much of a dreamer. . They said you should grow up and get a real job. . They said a lot of things...that hurt. . So what now? . Are you gonna cry and whine about how nobody believes in you? . Or are you going to train yourself to use the negative energy you get to be a trigger that launches you into productive action that brings you closer to your goal? . You have to decide which person you are. . But I can tell you with 100% CERTAINTY one of these groups is what champions do and one whats losers do. . You want everyone to believe in you even though you haven’t done anything thats earned that belief? . You think the world doesn’t notice youre fat & unhealthy? . You think the world doesn’t see you drinking every weekend with your old friends from back in the day...instead of being dedicated to your goals? . The reasons people say the shit they do is because it’s likely true. . ....and you can complain about it all you want...still doesn’t make it any less true. . If it hurts you...its cause YOU KNOW ITS TRUE AS WELL! . All you can do is take it all in...and use it as a trigger to get yourself into the behaviors that serve you. . Ive heard it all. . People called me a fat ass. . People said I was a loser. . People said Ill never make it. . ....and it was all true. . Sure I could of whined and got some fake sympathy from people close to me...but I didn’t. . I worked every single minute of every single day to take those words and shoce it down these motherfuckers throats... . And guess what... . It feels fucking good! . It takes a hell of a lot more courage, character and fortitude to admit to yourself your shortcomings and do something about it....than it does to be like everyone else and whine and live in denial like some sort of victim. . Next time someone calls you fat: GO WORKOUT. . Next time someone says you’ll never make it: MAKE 10 EXTRA SALES CALLS . Learn to make what the world gives you work for you. .
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#Repost @barbell_logic with @get_repost ・・・ 🎥LINK IN BIO🎥 Brooke shares her struggles with mental health in today’s new video.
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