Swipe ⬅️ to Challenge that Core🔥 with these 5 Leg Raise Machine Ab Exercises 👊🏼 - Tag someone who needs to see this! 👀 - Nearly every gym has the Leg Raise Machine in it, but how come the only exercise if you ever see is the boring knee raise?? 🤔 Here are 5 challenging, fresh exercises that you can try during your next workout! 🏋🏻‍♂️ - 1️⃣ Tuck L-Sit: this one is a BURNER 🔥 tuck your knees up to chest and hold for desired time. 💪🏼 - 2️⃣ Weighted Knee Tuck: grab a lighter dumbbell, and hold it between both feet. Tuck knees up to chest, pause, and control back down. 💪🏼 - 3️⃣ Alternating L-Sit Raise: with back against pad and knees up, alternate straightening one leg down to ground and control back up 💪🏼 - 4️⃣ Alternating Straight Leg Raise: Raise both legs up, and alternator dropping one leg down & up 💪🏼 - 5️⃣ Straight Leg Raise: the good ole’ Leg Raise, more challenging than the typical knee tuck 💪🏼 - Try out one of these during your next workout and tag me in your workout video! 😎#jsfit
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Ok, so super ugly back leg! 😩 But it’s still a progress pic cause I finally figured out the double foot tie thing! LOL #progresspic #aspiringaerialist #aerialsilks #split #fridaynight #alwaystraining #sandiegoshowgirl #sandiegofitness
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Always changing, always growing. Become someone you like, become someone you love. Even better? Love who you are now — be loving to yourself through the good & the bad 💕 Nurture yourself in the process of becoming. PC // @thebarmethodfresnoclovis
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My kind of Friday night fun: getting out of my comfort zone doing ninja things at @mrocarmy in Oceanside!! I figured out how to do this laché after a dozen or so fails... (see my story for those). And then I ripped my hand. 😆 I’m excited to go back and learn more tricks soon. I wouldn’t have tried this on my own but I was motivated by bad ass @amyharski 💪🏼
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If you are looking for a fitness coach and you haven’t signed up for my online fitness coaching, you are surely missing out. The feedback I am getting from my online clients are making me truly happy and I know be able to reach your goals in a simple step by step manner when you go through the program. Click the link in my bio for a free consultation so we can figure out your goals and get you on your way to reaching your fitness goals. 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾 . . . #fit#fit#fitlifestyle #fitnessgoals #fit#fitfam #fit#fitspo #fit #fitness #fitnessaddict #personaltrainer #sandiegofitness #fit#fitnessmotivation #fitnessfreak #fitspiration #fitfam #sandiegopersonaltrainer #health #fitspo #onlinefitnesscoach #fitnessmotivation
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💥Shoulder Extension Mobility💥 . SWIPE for Video ➡️ . 💡The shoulder is designed to be mobile, but so many athletes we work with are missing key ranges of motion on this area. Remember - mobility doesn't necessarily means it needs stretching! Often times, lacking stability will present itself as tightness. If you're not sure, don't guess - get assessed! . ⏳For those that have built up mobility limitations from years of poor (or a lack of) movement - Try these out. As always, make sure you're following these up with some strength work! Mobility = Strength . 💪🏼 After you've opened up this motion with yesterday's stretch, it's time to stengthen then movement to get those mobility improvements to stick . ☑️ Each time reset those shoulder blades back. Cramping in the triceps and lats not uncommon 😅 . ❓Questions or thoughts? Comment below! . 👫Know someone who could benefit? Tag them below and share it . 📞Dealing with pain or injury that won't go away? Shoot me a message, an email, or a call. I help active individuals maximize performance and get out of pain at my in person clinic and remotely through online training
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