Fun Fact: S2 also doubles as a moving company. Appreciate the boxes @jared_bischoff happy to get @troylecroy moved in and set up! . #s2faction #twodudesandatruck #columbia
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American country, American sport, American Supplements. • I know you’re supposed to catch with two hands coach but I gotta make plays 🤷🏻‍♂️ • Thank you for the crazy throws @lovexela #s2faction #dominateyourlife
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These two can solemnly swear that they’re up to...
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Here’s a great supplement to read up on for all you health nuts out there... - Turmeric has shown to be one of the most effective nutritional supplements up to date. It has been used in India for thousands of years as a spice and medicinal herb. Here’s some of the many benefits of Turmeric. - 1. Natural anti- inflammatory 2. Has powerful antioxidant effects 3. Helps with brain function. 4. Has shown to help prevent heart disease, cancer, arthritis, depression, and even Alzheimer’s disease. - I just start incorporating Turmeric into my cooking and supplementation routine. I’m all about living longer! #s2faction #dominateyourlife #100to0
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Keto dinner out=Ribeye and ribs(no sauce). Also had a side salad for greens. . You CAN eat out while you’re on Keto, but you just have to watch sauces and stick to meat and veggies. . Also, shoutout to @awelch17 for taking care of us tonight!
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HARD TRUTH!! IM INSECURE Sometimes. I have to remind myself how far I’ve come. . . A couple years ago I’d walk in my gym and have fun throwing some weights around with not much guidance or vision. . . Then I made a choice. I chose to embark on a journey without an end. Sometimes that’s a scary thing to do. . Even now I lack the confidence at times. But what keeps me on this journey without a destination, is my feeling of accomplishment of having KNOWN, I freaking worked my ass off to get where I am. . Sometimes I need to show myself what I’ve been able to achieve through discipline and sacrifice, communication, a loving Wife, understanding kids. . So perhaps you see someone taking a selfie in the gym mirror. Maybe they aren’t being narcissistic or vane, maybe they’re just reminding themselves of the hard ass work they’ve done and need a self-motivation. . Though some are lucky enough to have people in their corner, some aren’t!! So please don’t judge and let us build ourselves up so we can help others do the same. . So if you’re working, or know someone who needs reminding of the hard work they’ve been doing, comment/tag them and let them know. . #fitopsfoundation #gri#grindathletics #100to0 #duespaid #phy#physique #bodybuilder #militarymuscle #airforce #npc #npcmensphysique #dothework #chaseyourdreams #grind #bodybuilding #wolfpack #contestprep #discipline #educate #fitness #futurecvfo #impact #leagonofboom #masters #nutrition #physique #carbsarelife #s2faction @mitchpriehs @mikestensrude @fitops_foundation #6daysout
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My people are amazing!! ☺️😍 Yesterday two of my favorite ladies, Kindra and @nicoleedington1, hooked it up with tickets so I could spend today at @worldsoffun with @grantdawsonkgd! Then I showed up to a surprise party thrown by #thecrew themselves! I feel so incredibly loved! Thank you guys for making this week amazing despite everything. #loveyouthemost
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Take me back to Canada and rippin lips! Or I guess I will settle for the Dominican Republic...I'm going to the Dominican Republic. #rippinlips #rippinlips🎣 #vacation #canada #dominicanrepublic #travelling #s2faction
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