Jueves...hoy vas a conquistar el cielo, sin mirar lo alto que queda del suelo #S16 #caurugby #yosoydelcau #iloverugby #allreds #campeonesdeespaña 📸R.Ponce
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Manso combo que armamos!💨👊🏻#S16 #UDP
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Hawaii edit dropping 5/29/18. Comment what you ate for breakfast Comment what your shoe size is Comment if you shop at whole foods Comment your favorite emoji Wait why are people always telling me what to comment?
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Frame from a project I did in college, shot on S16mm film. The original transfer was done by Technicolor to DV tape in SD about ten years ago. Recently had a 2K transfer done with a flat image to mimic LOG footage. Getting used to how to manipulate the image in Resolve, and really excited about the possibilities and getting other old projects re-transferred. There is an organic feel to the image that digital can not touch, at least not yet. Can’t wait to do an entirely new treatment on this old project. Image featuring the great DP @john_rosario #s16 #film #studentfilm #shotonfilm #kodakfilm #arri #brooklyn #colorgrading
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