“It always too soon to quit.” - Rudy Ruettiger Big Dreams ✅ Height-Challenged ✅ Freckles ✅ Fighting Irish ✅ I think I might just be ready for “Rudy: The Musical” ... whaddya say? 😂 For a long time, I’ve been really inspired by the character of Rudy, ever since I saw the movie (starring the incredible @seanastin in the title role) in 7th grade and amazed at how much his story reflects my own. Catholic school kid from the Chicago South Suburbs (I grew up right next door to Rudy’s hometown). Short stature and a learning disorder I didn’t even know I had until college. A late-bloomer at best in nearly every area of my development and life. An affinity for Notre Dame (#GoIrish). Consistently being teased, counted out and told I won’t reach my goals because of my physical and intellectual “limitations.” Always having to work three, four times as hard as others to accomplish anything and taking the longest, most scenic route, the long way around to success. Dreams that seem completely ludicrous because of what an underdog and long shot I’ve always been, but that I refuse to give up on. Rudy and I have pretty similar stories to say the least. And another thing I’m proud to say me and the first player to ever be carried off the field after a game at Notre Dame have in common is that we will live our purpose no matter what it takes ... we are #FightingIrish and we will fight until we see our dreams, no matter how wild they may seem, realized. Thanks to my favorite Notre Dame man @chaz_mil for this sweet Rudy-worthy gear ... and don’t be surprised if you see me someday “waking up the echoes” on #Bway telling Rudy’s (and my) story! ☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭☘️🎭 P.S. Notre Dame, in case you didn’t know, has one of the most acclaimed college theatre programs (@taylorswift’s baby bro @austinkingsleyswift is a recent theatre department alum), and is gearing up for a riveting production of @springbway “Spring Awakening!” Get Into It Here 👉🏽 https://ftt.nd.edu/events/theater-season/ #Rudy #GodCountryNotreDame #WakeUpTheEchoes #BroadwayBound #UniversityOfNotreDame #BroadwayBlog #NotreDameTheatre #RudyBway #Pai#PaigeEightBlog #PaigeEight #SydneyPaige
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I love playing in the snow! Can I please go back outside? #rudy #regularsizedrudy #westie #westiepuppy #westiesnowman #sno#snowtie #snow #puppy #dogsofinstagram #whwt #westiesofinstagram
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Having a great time with @seanastin at the @alamophoenix #rudy #movieparty
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