It's fitting I have a @logic track playing in the bg this morning. I've always been a positive figure or tried to be. And this week I've really decided no matter what I'm gonna be that person again. I can't wait to see what's in store for all of us. Peace Love and Unity is the only way.
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when @necrorules likes your post. That's wassup salute the king.
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SAVE THE DATES!! **************************************** UPCOMING PERFORMANCES: *************************************** Fri May 25th and Sat May 26th Hotel La Mision 6 to 10 pm both nights With The BajHemans **************************************** Fri June 1st Bobby’s By the Sea 7-11 With The Eclectics (my new collaboration)😊 **************************************** Sat June 2nd Esperanza 12 to 3 pm With The BajHemians **************************************** Fri June 8th and Sat June 9th Hotel La Mision 6 to 10 pm both nights With The BajHemians ****************************************
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Our stats for the last week really that our song has been on @spotify and we(@yagirlkonlie and @prodbythayne) couldn't be happier. First release on Spotify and over 700 streams and over 40 listeners with 8 saves by listeners. I like those numbers. We gonna keep it going too. Stay tuned
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If your tired of riding on the road to Utopia have no fear. Soon you’ll be able to fly there. We just have to make a few upgrades before this puppy is sky legal 😬 #toddrundgren #utopia #roadtoutopia #plane #airlines #airport #travel #travelplans #airplane #charter #privatejet #worldtraveler #rockstar #rockstarlife #lifeontheroad #tourlife #musician #musicianlife #allaboard #traveling #travelgram #traveltheworld #explore #safetyfirst #oldschool
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