3 is my favorite number. Whats yours?
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i’ve lost my heart on these islands 💛
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The magic that can happen on the Faroes. Same place as my last post. Just a few days later after a night of heavy rain.
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Risin og Kellingin sea stacks as seen from the island called Kalsoy. Photo by: 🏆 @saviourmifsud 🏆 ◾️ Please visit our featured artist's gallery for more amazing pics and show your support! ◾️ Share your photos with us: #roamthefaroeislands
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Leitisvatn / Lake Above the ocean - Sørvágur - Faroe Islands Photo: Olaf Olsen www.facebook.com/olafolsenphotography www.Instagram.com/OlafOlsenPhotography
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