Hey you, yeah you're the beautiful one, keep the shining light, perhaps the world needs your light #babygirl #azqiarashaqueena #familytime #happyholidays #happyweekend #everydayisaholiday #anakshalehah #riseandshine
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With gloomy rain clouds overhead and a chance of flurries tomorrow (😱😭😱), it’s time to bust out all the cozy sweaters! • What are your plans this weekend? For once, Matt and I don’t have ANYTHING to do today! His car meet ups have ended for the season (can’t take those fancypants rides out in anything less than 70* 🙄) so my goal today is to stay in pjs as long as possible and curl up with a haunted house novel - haha check out my stories for examples of some of the interesting character names! • (& don’t tell the pups, but I decided today is bath day. Pray for us. 😈)
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