When you put on your jeans and you dont have to squeeze your stomach in your jeans. When that prolessa is snatching your waist. #prolessaduo #results #bdayweekend #messagemeforinfo
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Boy is it muggy out! So glad I got it done this morning! Wish I would of done it a little early but at least I got it done! A month ago I was in a permanent bad mood! Turning 40 threw me for a complete loop. There is no one reason why, just was having a rough time! Can anyone relate?!? I am happy that I am feeling back to normal mentally!!😃 who am I kidding, I’m not normal!!🤣😝😜🤣. Seriously though, I’m so glad I had my workouts and my community of women to keep me sane and to keep me in the best shape of my life!💕💪🏻💥
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Officially down another size! 🤩 I pulled on a pair of size 12 jeans today. Whoop whoop! This time last year I was wearing a size 22. #girlswholift #extremeweightloss #healthyeating #hardwork #results #itsallworthit
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