Same families 3 years later!! 😄 Can't believe how much we've grown... and missing at least 6 other kids from the group 😂 These families (and a few others that weren't there in both pics) have been such a huge part of our lives here in Temple! Today we got to catch up and hang out one last time before many move away as we finish the next part of medical training. This has been a long, hard journey and we've been there for each other through some hard times and incredibly good times. Nothing like seeing the body of Christ come together and love one another. Thank you for all the memories together!! #TempleForever #communitydoneright #residentlife
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Rainy day off means I finally get to try out a @buzzfeedtasty recipe (it was so good)! #buzzfeedtasty #residentlife #sartudiriso
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Glad to see my Emory PM&R residency mates up at Mayo. Not glad to take a super annoying oral exam. Now on to sports medicine boards in July (granted that I passed the exam this weekend). #resident #residentlife #fellow #fellowlife #pleasemakethetestsstop #pleasemakeitstop
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Parking garage selfie from our date Friday night 😂 but for real though- can we talk about how good the movie A Quiet Place is!? JIM YOU MADE US SO PROUD! hashtag the office forever. It was also a sweet night because I love this guy a lot and words can't explain how much I appreciate his support. The best friend and co parent I could ask for! Between talking in the car for almost an hour, cudding in the theatre and then trying Habit Burger for the first time (yes first time and it was BOMB) I guess you could say it was A. over due and B. really fun.💗 Hope y'all had a great weekend!!
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