Easy Fat Loss Tip Number 6- Keep It Simple This is a really easy to incorporate tip to drastically decrease the caloric content of your coffees. This infographic only accounts for one coffee per day and i know for a fact that with peoples busy lifestyles, always being on the go and needing that sweet,sweet caffeine to function that you’re probably having 2-3 coffees per day. So by incorporating this tip you can cut up to 2000-3000 calories per week which is crazy to think. At the start this may be difficulty so instead of going straight to the americano we can just have one normal latte per day and switch the other to an americano. Try this for a week and then the following week you have two americanos instead of two lattes one MON/WED/FRI and on the other days you have one of each. Slowly you can incorporate this habit and you should definitely drop a couple of pounds in the process. Please like and share the post and If anyone has any questions just pop them in the comments below or shoot me a message, thanks!
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1 pan meal prep FTW! Chicken breast fillets 20 min, add sweet potato 1/2in slices 10 mins, add asparagus stalks 10 mins, voila! #renaissanceperiodization
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Two weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to spend six months in a wheelchair. One week ago, I was bound to crutches and an immobilizer. Tonight, I hit a 90% back squat for 3 reps. The body is an amazing thing #squats #renaissanceperiodization #cro#crossfitade #crossfit #kinibands
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“I ask not for a lighter burden but for broader shoulders.” Tattoo by @cjallentattoo
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After yesterday’s rest day I woke up feeling great and recovered Had a 1/2lb pound burger and a big bag of curly fries. Slept like a baby. Maybe that was what did the trick 🤔 Things are moving great, im coming into 2019 swinging 📈 18 days left for 2018. Wether you’re gonna take the time to relax or gain momentum coming into the new year, remember, it’s your decision and it should be to make you better down the road ⚒ LETS WORK ❤️ .. #naturalbodybuilding #bodybuilding #bodybuildingmotivation #fitness #fitnessmotivation #gym #gymrat #gymmotivation #team3dmj #3dmusclejourney #revivestronger #renaissanceperiodization #pumpchasers #weightloss #fatloss #cutting #bulking #massing #iifym #flexibledieting #nutrition #strengthtraining #gains #upperbodyworkout #backday #latpulldown #dowork #motivation
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Invest in your Health ‼️ - One of the days I look forward to the most now is grocery shopping days..especially now with this Costco membership lol. Since I’ve started following @rpstrength diet templates I’ve seen a big difference in my body composition and athletic performance. The turn over between diet and performance is huge when you know exactly what you’re putting into body. None of this “if it fits your macros” stuff. Im talking about straight up Whole Foods diet. That’s lean meats, healthy fats, healthy carbs, and vegetables. Very simple, yet very effective. Progress pics soon🤫 #health #nutrition #athlete #fitness #strength #performance #longevity #strong #power #weightlifting #renaissanceperiodization #fitfam
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Despite forgetting my intra shake like an absolute sausage today was an awesome session. Had to dump squats, though; I could do the lunges but the soreness from Tuesday was too much for squats so I did uni leg presses. 30s feeling great for lateral raises now. Quads soreness woke me up in the middle of the night -- after two sets of squats and two sets of lunges two days prior.
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I work for a consulting company and one of our clients is a rice company. They send us a Christmas present every year. ITS TIME TO CARB UP BROTHERS THESE MUSCLES WONT REFILL THEMSELVES # #bodybuilding #nutrition #gains #carbs #rpdiet #flexibledieting #renaissanceperiodization #rpstrength #food #foodporn #fitness #fitfam
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