I needed a walk today. I read somewhere that humans NEED nature. #rehab #longweek #missingRP #91degreesoutside #nashville #mccabegolfcourse
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Clearly not current day me but this is #tbt . Looking forward to my comeback, I know that I’ll be stronger the second time around. 💋. #goodvibesonly #positivevibes #namasteallday #rehab
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I’m going to be posting a short series on the hip abductor muscles: the glute medius and minimus, the tensor fasciae latae, and the satorius and piriformis. “Abduction” is moving the leg away from the body’s midline (adduction, which I’ll focus on later, is moving the leg toward the midline, and engages the muscles in the inner thigh). . . I have found with 100% of my clients who come to me with knee and/or back pain, their abductors are painfully weak. Strong abductors are important not just if you want to be able to do the splits- but also if you want to be able to walk long distances without pain, or do simple movements like squats and lunges without pain. . . Strengthening them is vital for hip and knee joint stability and health. So with my clients, after working hard to strengthen these muscles for a little while, they’re shocked to discover they can squat, lunge, and walk long distances without pain. In this little series, I’ll introduce some of the exercises I do to strengthen the abductors. . . If you try these and find them difficult, chances are your abductors are weak, and it’s quite possible that any discomfort you feel in your back, hips, or knees could be relieved by strengthening them. . . Here are two exercises to start with: -Side plank hip raises: includes abductors + oblique muscles. Many people with weak abductors/obliques can’t even raise into the side plank position without pushing off the ground with their hand. Work on first holding the side plank before introducing the raises. This is one of my go-to exercises to see how strong or weak someone’s core and abductors are. . . -hip-hinge abductors: simply stand in a hip-hinge position and push the knees out against the band. These are best for beginners/people with very weak abductors, who have perhaps never utilized these muscles before, at high reps (20-40). This is the first exercise I’ll try for someone who needs to get stronger here. If all is well, I’ll progress to more difficult movements, which I’ll post about soon! . . . . . . . . #healthjourney #iin #healthyeating #eatwelllivewell #holisticnutrition #bodybuilding #wellnessblogger #hlbloggers #guthealth #nutritionist
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i snatched this weight 18 times today lol. comeback szn except not bc lifting below 70% is basically my jam even when healthy (also idk what it weighs I was jumping in with this crossfitter but its prob like 120-130kilo)
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Gotta love easy cosmos! #cosmeticremodel
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. It’s been a while IG! Hope to get you some content related to the World Cup coming up this month 👍⚽️ .
So imagine you just played a pick-up game of soccer for an hour. You go for that final break-away and 💥BAM💥 it feels like you've been hit in the leg with a hammer.
This has happened to a lot of us, likely you've experienced a hamstring strain. An injury to one of the 🔙thigh muscles, and one of the most common strains in the body.
How does this happen? When you're running 🏃🏼⚡️ at high speeds there's a lot more demand to the muscles of the hip (compared to jogging it's more the knees). .
The hamstrings run from the back of your pelvis to below your knees. So when your hip is driving your leg forward ⏩, the hamstrings act as the breaks ⛔️to slow down the leg in the last part of 'swing phase'. This breaking action is called 'eccentric contraction' of the muscle.
The most force ⚡️goes through a muscle with this eccentric load. It's why you see these injuries happen on TV 📺 with no contact to an athlete. Examples:
🏃🏼Sprinters at the end of a race
⚾️Baseball players reaching for 1st base
⚽️️Soccer players following through on kicks
These injuries are commonly mismanaged 🙅and a lot of times rest doesn't help the muscle. In fact 1/3 of these injuries reoccur 💢within 2️⃣ weeks of return to sport (Heider 2010)
Tag someone who could use some hamstring info 📝. We'll get into some rehab and anatomy in the next couple posts ➡️
#hamstring #toronto #soccer #fitness
DrHawk - This information is not medical advice, if you are in pain please see your local rehab specialist ➡️
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@australian_seabird_rescue ✨ ・・・ We have so much love and respect for the work AUSTRALIAN SEABIRD RESCUE is doing!!! Head over to their Instagram account and show your support . A page that shares photos and inspiration to educate the community on the rescue and rehabilitation of seabirds, shorebirds and sea turtles. ASR are a non-profit, volunteer based organisation who dedicate their lives to the health and wellbeing of our oceans and coastlines. We hope you enjoy their photos as much as we do !!. You can also find our Bamboo straws in their gift shop !! . . . . . . #australia #australianseabirdrescue #ballina #lennoxhead #byronbay #seabird #shorebird #ecofriendly #min#mindfulliving #birdnerd #birdsofinstagram #oceanlover #visitnsw #endangered #plasticfree #rescue #rehab #birdlife #sharethelove #coa#coastalliving #choose2reuse #saynotoplastic #soutout #picoftheday #education #ouroceansourfuture #saveourwildlife #mindfulliving #raisingawareness #coastalliving #holidayswithkids
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