she is actually one of the most stunnifng women to walk thsi earth joohyun the kinda girl to get asked for her number in public because she is so pretty dven if she wasnt an idol snd get so embarrassed and politely decline
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alright so apparently i have cobblestone throat but THATS NOT THE POINT the point here is that someone of the name @funnymamamoo thinks it’s so!! cute!! to steal my edits and claim them as theirs and this is the first time i have ever seen someone pull this kind of shit and it’s honestly aggravating cause, i tried to be civilized with them and asking them nicely to delete them and other peoples edits and they were all like “what do you mean?? 😇😇 these are clearly my edits!! 😅😅” i got so fucking mad and i just said “aight” in that bitch, and blocked them. i doubt they’ll delete my edits and same with the other people i know edits, so if you guys would kindly report them for BASICALLY stealing shit and claiming it as theirs. please and thank you ily guys 🥰🥰
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🍪🍰 Group:redvelvet Song:cookie jar - - - - - - - - - - - #redvelvet #redvelvetcookiejar #redvelvetjoy #redvelvetwendy #redvelvetseulgi #redvelvetirene #redvelvetyeri
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- I don't smile for camera only smile for you rv[2/5] #red#redvelvetwendy #redvelvetaesthetic #aesthetic #soft #wendyaesthetic #redvelvet
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