Homemade burrito bowls with chips for dinner! Did lots of shopping today 😥 #rec#recoveryrthit #veg#veganvery #recovery #anorexia #vegan #edrecovery #anorexiarecovery
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Out Here Living My BestLife #nosebleeds #BestiesBdayGift #ShesaREALFRIEND #rep#reptourdena #reptour #taylorswift #swifties #taylornation #salutetome #AmericanQueen #KingofMyHeart Two years ago i wanted to go to the 1989 tour so bad but wasn’t stable enough to go and now that I am i am beyond blessed to get to see the Person who’s music helped me through such a rough time. I’m so happy. I worked so hard and am so blessed. #recoveryisworthit Literally never thought i would wear Jeans and a crop too especially to a concert(jeans trigger me and I’m self conscious about crops) but there was so much positive energy with everyone i felt so comfortable . Also waved Hi at @camila_cabello and She screamed and waved back before she began to sing. Was so happy to hear her live. Literally sounds the same @charli_xcx looked HOT AF and was so happy to hear her live. Been inter her for like 5 years and it’s nice to see her getting the recognition she deserves. she’s going places y’all. And her outfit was bomb and them vocals too. @taylorswift put on a marvelous show and I’m glad how female powered it was. So many great vibes. Vocals were killed. Show was to die for. Getting sick after was worth it.
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🐶SQUAD DEEP🐕 on this rainy afternoon run. Lots of moral support for my first road run in 3 weeks, so a lil rain, BUT NO PAIN! #recoveryisworthit
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After a few days without my meals at home i was starting to miss them. Ok. Well mainly because I was missing my loved kabocha squash!! I was craving it so tonight I decided to stay in and hook it up...for dinner and night snack cuz a person can never eat too much squash #addict. And I got my lemon drop @bangenergy drink back in today good. It’s been a good day. Oh and on our walk, bella and I made new dog 🐶 and fur parent friends! Ahhh happy Sunday! . . Dinner ▶️ seaweed salad; a spinach n feta @lantanafoods chicken sausage; warmed and slightly @bertolli_us olive oiled cauliflower with mrs dash seasoning and cheddar @kernelseasons; warmed and slightly oiled and seasoned Brussels sprouts; and mmmyyyy kabocha squash with 2TB black bean @oasishommus 😍 . . Night snack▶️ 2.5 cups of papaya and strawberries 🍓; a frozen zero artificial coconut cream @lightandfit yogurt with sf maple syrup; and more delicious and oh so moist kabocha squash dipped into more syrup!
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