With @timberix, you can now create an acoustically treated bedroom or office lounge in timber finish! 🌲
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On the first album I ever played on my band Änglagård had borrowed a clavinet to use on four bars... this was in 1991 for the album Hybris...Now I have one in the studio and something tells me it will be put to good use. Here it’s going that Strymon Lex pedal and two guitar amps... #vintagekeyboards #stompboxes #rothhandlestudios #stockholm #recording #producer #recordingstudio #hohner #clavinet #strymon #lesliepedal #pedaloftheday #harpsichord
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We can make perforations from 25mm down to 0.5mm! (that’s as small as the tip of a needle) Customise the colour and size of the perforation for your own set of @timberix !
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Micro-perforated @timberix has minimal texture, making the panels blend seamlessy!
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As a creative nest, The Grove Studios is here for you to craft the music you want and catalyse your success story. With our hands on in-depth courses, we're here to aid your talents in flourishing.
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