Most if the time I agree with judge Napolitano but he must have been smoking something today. President Trump didn't fire McCabe. In fact he made it a public point to stay out of the decision. Two seperate divisions within the FBI recommended to the attorney general that McCabe should be fired based on his violations of the FBIs own policies calling them "A Fireable Offence" so lay off the pipe Napolitano ! #teamtrumpmaga #realdonaldtrump #thesavagedeplorables #maga #gary4trump #makeamericagreatagain #boycotthbo #trump_news_network #boycottenterprise
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#ÚLTIMAHORA #Not#Noticias Nuevas sanciones contra el régimen de Nicolás Maduro!El presidente de EE.UU., Donald Trump firmó una orden ejecutiva que prohíbe cualquier transacción con la criptomoneda de Venezuela. "Yo, DONALD J. TRUMP, Presidente de los Estados Unidos de América, para tomar medidas adicionales con respecto a la emergencia nacional declarada en la Orden Ejecutiva 13692 del 8 de marzo de 2015, y confié en las medidas adicionales tomadas en la Orden Ejecutiva 13808 de El 24 de agosto de 2017, ya la luz de las recientes acciones tomadas por el régimen de Maduro para intentar eludir las sanciones estadounidenses emitiendo una moneda digital en un proceso que la Asamblea Nacional democráticamente electa de Venezuela ha denunciado como ilegal, ordenaremos lo siguiente: Sección 1. (a) Todas las transacciones relacionadas con, la provisión de financiamiento y otras transacciones en, por una persona de los Estados Unidos o dentro de los Estados Unidos, cualquier moneda digital, moneda digital o ficha digital, emitida por, para, o en nombre del Gobierno de Venezuela a partir del 9 de enero de 2018, están prohibidos a partir de la fecha de vigencia de esta orden". #Noticias #19Marz #realDonaldTrump #sanciones #criptomonedas #criptomonedavenezolana #petro #vzla #venezuela #noticiasvenezuela #ultimahora #hoy #actualidad #Maduro #gobiernobolivariano #revolucion
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I posted about this a few days ago but President Trump is in the story now. He needs to just call the DHS director in and tell them to pick her up ! The only reason California did this was to flip the bird to the President and Jeff Sessions for the sanctuary city law suit. Show them your not going to play thier game. #teamtrumpmaga #realdonaldtrump #thesavagedeplorables #maga #gary4trump #makeamericagreatagain #boycotthbo #trump_news_network #boycottenterprise
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McCabe has allot to answer for, he lied to the Senate intelligence committee on the Clinton email investigation, he's on the txt messages between the to FBI lovers who are still being investigated for trying to Sabatoge the Trump campaign, he was involved in a $700,000 donation to his wife's campaign involving Hillary Clinton and there's plenty more. If he dosent face charges then we'll know the fix is still in for these friggin crooks. If they do charge him then Comey will be charged shortly after. Much of what McCabe has done can be tied directly to Comey. #teamtrumpmaga #realdonaldtrump #thesavagedeplorables #maga #gary4trump #makeamericagreatagain #boycotthbo #trump_news_network #boycottenterprise
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