A match made in Cashew Milk heaven 💚
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Pro Tip: Add maca to The Double One for an additional savory flavor and some incredible mood boosting powers!
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A little peak into a box filled with The Almond Toast!
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What a dynamic duo! The Beach Bowl provides an overwhelming dose of vitamin c + antioxidants and our Cacao milk is a heart-healthy delicious treat 💚
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Good vibes + good food! Come see us for tons of organic goodness 💚
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We’ve had so much fun at Art for 9 at the @brooklynartscenter 💚 Come see us again tomorrow for some delicious cold pressed juice!
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Tip it on back... Makes you feel good ✅ 💫🍃🦋🍃💫 #GreenJuice #livefoodforalivebody #cucumber#lime#parsley#cilanto #alkalize#detoxify#regenerate Decide what you want to be .... and BE THAT 💫🍃🦋🍃💫 When in doubt .... try not to FILL yourself up and stuff your truth down but instead FEEL the emotions coming into motion from deep inside ... in those moments ... in the sound of silence ...it can be uncomfortable but the answers can often be found there ... that has seemed to be a truth in my life ... so cheers to a simple green juice that goes perfect with feeling 🍃🦋🍃 Note to myself : remember little one, everything you need was inside all along 🌅. When we seek to find ...outside ourself ...we are often disappointed or disheartened because we have traveled the wrong way .... we traveled further outside ourself instead of further inside ourself 💙 sometimes we feel broken and shattered yet again ... not realizing that each of those breaks creates new facets for our light to reflect off of... truly we can take what seem to define us and allow it to refine us ... we are our experiences ... but it’s our choice to let them be the demise of us or the rise of us 🌅 🍃🍃🍃 LIFE FORCE —— what’s in your cup? 🍃🍃🍃 Do all the things .... with every bite we eat, drink we drink and thought we think ...we are either building our health or breaking it down .... we must take action for our own health ..... no one is coming to do it for us ..... we must come to our own rescue ..... no one is coming to save you and the brilliant thing is — no one has to and there is no waiting required —- now is the time — if not now when ? There is always a holiday or event or happiness or sadness about to come .... life will not accommodate your change —- YOU will 🍃🦋🍃 TR
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