What a cool little place in Fairfield, CT...also found this beautiful bouquet of flowers-someone spreading a little kindness in this world. I didn’t take it, just seeing it made my day. Hopefully someone brought this little lovely jome. #littlepub #fairfieldct #gastropub #family #payitforward #randomactsofkindness @joemcgee27
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#Tenner4Good found 👏👏👏 . #WeMakeGoodHappen
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This occurred one year ago when Will and I were blessed to take a well needed, amazing vacation. One of the biggest strains in life, work and relationships is stress. Some days we need to just hit clear and reset. Everyone needs to recharge their brain and nervous system. I feel absolutely worn down when I don’t recharge. The ocean is our(Will and I) favorite #1 recharge, but it is not always attainable. I am being very intentional on what IS attainable on a daily basis for self care and health. I will be starting 4-8 week campaigns to target a specific behavior. Sleep, meditation, prayer, fitness, nutrition, acts of kindness and even happiness. Please message me if you want to be a part of a safe community of like-minded people as I share my healthy living routine. I will be learning with you as we journey and I will keep it to a private group, so I don’t turn off others. 😘. #stressreduced #happiness #moveit #sleep #randomactsofkindness #simplesolutiins #qualityliving
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Tomorrow, florists in more than 400 cities nationwide will surprise people on the street with two flower bouquets— one to keep, one to share. This random act of kindness is the floral industry’s way of giving back to create more smiles and less stress! Stay tuned, as we share moments from the day. #petalitforward #smilemore #stressless #randomactsofkindness
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Unknown object with a heart toucan detail #losttreasure #randomactsofkindness #artistsoninstagram
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