Hey plant-based peeps! What do you eat when you’re hangry?! We’ve got you covered! Hangry vagan ramen bowl: $9
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Ramen surprisingly close by. 🍲😁 #ramenlove #lunchinbethlehem
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#viewfrommychopsticks is black kakuni ramen. Time traveling to Japan in this cozy spot decked in old sake bottles surrounded by slurping customers. Don’t forget to get the fried takoyaki too! まるで日本にテレポートした様なインテリア。ラーメン以外にカレーやお好み焼きなどメニューは豊富!
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Ramen 🍜 Specialty Drinks 🍹 and 6 local chefs making 6 takes on ramen with one winner. 👨🏽‍🍳 👑 March 12th, from 6-10 It’s the second Great Ramen Showdown @junglebird916 Are you coming? There are only 65 tickets and they sold out in a minute flat last time. Read the scoop on our blog, the link is in my profile!
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