There’s still white stuff falling from the skies, so another snow day it is! We’re hosting our first annual German Christmas party this Friday and I would be lying to say we’re ready for it. I actually (I believe my husband does too though he says no) have a few hoarder tendencies and where the heck did all this stuff come from that nobody ever uses?!? Anyways, lots of cleaning in the forecast today... does anybody need one of our three vacuum sealing machines? 🤦🏻‍♀️What’s one thing you have collecting dust at home that you never use? #dontbuyanypresents #thehouseisfull #hoarders
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Sunday snow day ❄️ means extra cuddle time and all the fuzzy socks. 🙌 The whole weekend has been productive despite rescheduling two shoots due to the snow fall. I got to tackle our disastrous craft closet that was impossible to even open and sorted through art supplies, photo albums and games. Upstairs finally got dusted, bills + mail organized and put away and our desks got an overhaul. Maybe it's nesting? Totally ready to leave the snow behind and fly to paradise 🌴 Our website went live today over at Alex and I's new business adventure @rogue.kravmaga 👊 we spent last night doing last minute tweaks and setting up our email newsletter before hitting publish. Cannot wait to see where 2019 takes us.
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Who’s excited for the snow?? This girl!!! Have you stocked up on the essentials? Brownie mix, stuff to make pizza and tacos and a little booze to stay warm? I love snow and real winter so much and ever since moving away from Germany, a few hours of actual snow here get me super excited. Even if we won’t be waking up to a winter wonderland tomorrow, luckily Brock and I will get to play in real snow in February - we’ll be going on a ski trip with friends to Colorado and we can’t wait! 🎿 ❄️ are you excited for the snow? Wanna meet up and go sledding? #raleighengagement #raleighengagementsession #raleighengagementphotographer #raleighweddingphotographer #merrimonwynne #mwbride
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My 2019 wedding calendar is filling up with the best kind of people! I would have stayed all evening photographing these two laugh and smile their way through their engagement session last week but unfortunately night time starts around 5pm this time of year 🌙 👎🏻 Pooja and Travis’s love is effortless and they are so fun to be around. They will be getting married in May 2019 (seems to be a great month to get married @jackiecurran & @ericakeiser 💛👰🏼) at @socofarmandfood and time needs to hurrryyyy because I can’t wait to capture more of these smiles! #ral#raleighweddingography #ral#ral#raleighengagement #raleighengagementphotographer #raleighwedding #raleighweddingvendor #shootandshare #carolinabride #sou#southernbrideandgroom #theknotnc #wilmingtonweddingphotographer #socofarmandfood #ral#raleighcouples #raleighweddingvenue #raleighweddingplanner #Raleighweddingflorist #wilmingtonweddingvenue #amalficoastweddingphotographer #muchlove_ig #mwbride #merrimonwynne #southernbrideandgroom #raleighengagement #bri#brided #bride #weddingparty #couplephotography #raleighcouples #ncmuseumofart #engagementsession #raleighengagement
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B R E A T H E --- There have been moments all day where I have had to just stop. Be still. And breathe. The next few days are packed with last minute details before our trip. Honestly it's nothing too crazy. But I have been feeling behind because my mental energy has been so split. Riley + work + routine have been demanding my attention which has lately been so diverted to my business and launching Rogue. Crunching numbers, getting tax prep done, and just rekindling my passion for the new year to drown out all the anxiety + doubt. But I wanted to encourage you, where you are and all the craziness you're doing, that just taking those first steps is huge. All you #moonlighters out there are amazing. It's such a journey and I fully believe it's worth it. You are worth it. That passion + dream you are chasing is worth it. 🙌 This year I grew so much, and learned so many lessons. Next year is brand new and full of opportunities and it's own challenges. But I'm worth it. My dream is worth it.
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Anybody else love Monday’s? I had a super productive day (interrupted by a fabulous lunch break at Home Goods - who needs food when you can shop home decor) and I even worked out this morning (slow clapping myself 👏🏻). It seems like every Monday is a new chance to reset and make the new week a kick-booty one. You feel me? No? #mondaymotivation #mondaysrock #whatadaytobealive
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Friday Fun Fact: In Germany, you wear your wedding ring on the right hand! My husband Brock told me I had to wear mine on the left though so people would know I was married 😂 #taggedlikeacow #marriage
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"I wasn't looking for anything at all when I met you. Actually, I wasn't planning on falling for someone so soon. But then I met you. And that was it. I guess things just happened. I found you and I found myself slowly wanting to spend time with you. It was simple. It was easy. And I think that's how the best relationships begin. You're not looking for anything then suddenly you realize; you have something." 🖤 @jalexrkm It hasn't been a smooth road but it's been the best adventure with you. I feel safest when you're holding me and I get to breathe you in. You're my rock and I trust that even through the rocky times. You've experienced my greatest joy and my deepest grief; always holding my hand and letting me know you're there. We've got big dreams and a burning passion inside. I am so lucky to have this adventure with you.
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