When you trick out your oldest’s with a sleeved suppressor for his birthday early. #raisingthemright
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I've known for a few years that when Julien turned 13 that I was gonna get him his 1st gun. He's been shooting with me many times and will be going on his first dove hunt this fall. #remington870 #20gauge #shotgun #raisingthemright #boyswhohunt
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This kid. ♥️ He loves so hard. He lives so hard. With ALL of his heart. He's over there smiling like that because he can't contain his excitement that he took preschool graduation pictures in his "big yellow shirt and weird hat." & I'm over here sobbing. How is my BABY going to kindergarten soon? Full disclosure, I've really been having an internal struggle on raising him lately. "Raising" babies is easy... keep them alive and fed. But raising future adults? Future world changers? Future hands and feet for Him? I've been on my knees a lot lately... praying we don't screw it up. That we don't screw them up 😳 Mommas - we need each other. I need YOU! It's been on my heart lately to open a support group on here for Mommas doing their best to raise God fearing children... and not screw them up. Support to raise your kids and not get told you should have done this, bought that, enrolled them in this, loved them more, loved them less. A safe place to ask questions, get advice, deal with the hard things that come with raising kids and cry without judgement. A place of respect and kindness - that we're all in this together. If I started a group like this, would you join? ♥️
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While the duck was super cute, I think Myles and were more entranced by the sparkling clear water. It looked almost tempting enough to jump in. Almost. The giant chunks of ice still floating about were a reminder that the cold weather hasn’t let go quite yet! - - - - - - - - - - - - #spring #campingseasonisalmosthere #toddlerlife #raisingthemright #outside #gooutside #nature #lakeontario #kingston #confederationpark #timeinnature #explore
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Oh my heart! ❤️🤟🏽 “Lil B rescued this huge moth. It was sitting on the grass with wet wings. She held it like this until the wings were dry (and sang to it). As the wings dried, it began to quiver (I figured it was dying), it hopped twice in her hand and flew away. She ran after it, waving and yelling, “Have a good night and stay away from water!” Wearing her “Safe in Austin” shirt, no less.” #spreadinglove #teachingkindness #changingtheworld #theyarepayingattention #rescueanimalsrescuingchildren #raisingthemright #everyonedeservesachance #ingoodhands #whatweareallabout #safeinaustin
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This photo was taken in happier times. We were all just innocently enjoying our day, and then PINK EYE. We have pink eye in the house. 😭😭😭😭😭 Send help. #butdontactuallycomeyourself #idontwantyoutogetit #😭😭😭😭 #noooooo #doyouthinkwinewillhelpmeavoidit?
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