Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow! 😱 This retrograde cycle is going to be a little bit different, instead of causing chaos mercury is going to pull us inward, help us navigate this strong Mars energy and allow us the space to lay the foundation for launching our dreams! Sounds pretty alright to me. 😌 check out the full article at
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*** had to post it twice so good!!***Spring forward day 20 !!! Move out low a emotional state !!! Forgive and raise your emotional state !!! Forgiveness is for yourself not for the other person !! Forgive so you can live in peace and freedom!! Be free by forgiveness!! #forgivenessistruelove forgivenessisfree #forgivnessispeaceofmind #forgivenessispowerful #raiseyourvibration #raiseyouremotional #befree #iamericacampbell @ste@stevenfurtick ( powerful had to repost) #johgray #Repost @stevenfurtick with @get_repost ・・・ Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. Colossians 3:13 Spring forward day 20 !!! Move
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Spring has s p r u n g 🌱🌸🐝 Here’s to fresh blossoms, wild flowers, birth, renewal, cleansing, discovery, love, life and everything else that comes to mind. - Here’s to YOU ✨ Renew you Discover you Love YOU - There’s SO much emphasis on New Year’s resolutions, goals, etc. But, what about your intentions for where you’re at NOW, today, this new, cleansing, beautiful season? Do you make seasonal intensions? With each season comes a different energy, a different pace, and different foods. Do you change any of your habits or practices with the changing seasons? We’d love to hear about them! Tell us below! 🙏🏼💙✨💧 - #TheUrbanSpring #healthstore #waterstore #huntingtonbeach #spring
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Hey everyone! This afternoon and tomorrow I’m offering equinox astrology readings by phone and in person - who is looking for clarity and direction? $30 each 🙂 inbox me!
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Thank you to all of your lovely souls who played along with our wonderful challenge #MudrasAndMagic 💜💫 We had a blast & as usual it was so hard to choose winners!😖 • Please give a round of 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 to our magical winners • @moonandmoksha@gypsyrain7 @chasinunicorns@pole_escape @staywildcandle@yukikingyo02 @zennedoutjewelry@mehlani_love • dm @mer@mermaidsdoyoga to claim your prizes✨ • I hope you’ll join us for the next round later this year✨💜 • Love your Magical Hosts @mermaidsdoyoga @wanderlust_yogix3 ✨💜 #sponsored #raiseyourvibration
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Who uses this mood oil?? If so, help a girl out and comment below. 👇🏼Do you have any oil combinations you love? Share them with me! I have a confession... I don’t use this oil often. This may still be my original bottle. 😬 . But it may be the perfect oil for you! . . ☀️ELEVATION- This joyful blend combines Lavandin, Tangerine, Lavender, Amyris, Clary Sage, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang, Osmanthus, Lemon Myrtle & Melissa. . . ☀️USES: -Diffuse to elevate your mood and energy. -Rub a drop over your heart & wrists to promote feelings of self worth. -Add to unscented lotion, rub in to smell amazing and bring streets relief after a long day. -Emotionally, this oil can help raise your energetic vibration. It combines powerful mood-stabilizing oils, bringing more joy and brightness to your space. . . . ☀️If you or someone in your life suffers from serious feelings of despair or can’t get out of bed, this oil may help balance their emotions. So grateful for natural, holistic solutions to life’s problems! 🙏🏼
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Everything is energy. Our bodies, our thoughts and emotions, plants, stars, furniture, money, art, consciousness,’s all energy. Humans are complex systems of energy and we are connected to each other and to ALL THAT IS through energy. Our individual energy contributes to the collective consciousness and has the power to heal or hinder the evolution of ourselves and humankind on this Earth. My personal healing practices and the practices I teach focus on taking care of energy in all forms- physical, mental emotional and spiritual. This is the true meaning of “holistic health”- understanding that all parts of the whole are intimately connected and effect each other as well as the whole. So when we want MORE out of life, we are ultimately seeking an upgrade in how much energy we can conduct, the quality of the energy we experience, and tools to RAISE OUR FREQUENCY OF VIBRATION that aligns with this grander reality that we envision for ourselves. This is also the bottom line of MANIFESTATION! Energy=health, magnetism, alignment, mind+body+spirit wellbeing. Creating high-quality ENERGY is the basis of creating holistic health. My Total Energy Transformation Program is a reflection of these principles and is designed to celebrate the areas of energy that are going well and provide support and tangible tools to up-level areas that feel stagnant or lackluster. Together we will create the high-quality energy you require to fulfill your soul’s mission and live a high-vibe life that feels magical. Are you ready to upgrade your energy? Click on the link in my bio to read more about my Total Energy Transformation program and schedule your free call with me. Two spots currently open!
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