I ain’t perfect but my heart is full ✨ I’ve been diving deep into loving myself more - finding the inner goddesses in me - and doing what feels good and right for me in this moment ✨ As women, we struggle so much with allowing ourselves to feel happy and good. We feel a lot of guilt and shame when we invest in ourselves - especially us mamas. We take care of others and we put our spouse/family first ✨ I’ve been there and it didn’t turn out well. Over the past four years, I’ve been slowly learning to care for myself. It took me a while to grasp this idea but soon learned it meant being a better version for myself and my family too ✨ Things that make me feel good on the inside: Connecting with other women, sharing our thoughts and ideas, empowering each other and mentoring them ✨ What I’ve learned: If you want to feel good about yourself, make someone else feel amazing first ✨ I got to take my work outdoors today because being in nature has been improving my mood so much ✨ I got on a call with two brand new gorgeous souls on our team tonight. I met Lexy a month ago and tonight we were on the phone for almost an hour catching up - she’s literally one of my besties. We have never met in person, she’s more than 10 years younger than me, she’s still in college but we click ✨ My job as a coach has given me so much joy and freedom in every aspect of my life. I wouldn’t even be writing up this post if it weren’t for this opportunity I said yes to four years ago ✨ Are you craving for more freedom and craving to dig deeper within you too? ✨ Join me on this incredible journey ✨ 💌amiepuichiang@gmail.com . . . #raiseyourvibration #mommyandson #goddesses #loveyourself #positiveaffirmations #workoutdoors #womenempowerwomen #metime #mommytime #selfcareroutine
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The beautiful Archangel Ariel... her name means... “Lion of God” ... call her to give you strength and support in times of stress ... watch out for rays of pink light, this tells you that she is right by your side... remember to #smile 😊 #naturallyyoursbyisabel
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#ThisIsMyBraveYogis Day 4 I N V E R S I O N h a n d s t a n d . Taking risks Taking chances Love to explore New places I’ve never been New people I’ve never met Getting hurt Losing beautiful souls But knowing and feeling The love you’ve been given So much better Than never ever known or felt . Picture credits @vsk_photo . @Omstarsofficial ➡️ Gifting one 1-year membership and one 6-month membership PLUS! Everyone that participates will receive a one-month membership!!! . @Liquidoactive ➡️ 10% of with the code: BRAVEYOGIS . Together let's end the stigma of mental illness, one person and one story at a time. . _ Hosts: @el.feather.yoga @molly_pooler_yoga @salty_hair_yogi @northernstar_yoga @khat.mandu . Sponsors: @liquidoactive @omstarsofficial _ Pose List Day 1  Heart Opener - Opening ourselves up to receive what the world/life wants to give us Day 2  Forward Fold - Going inward for clarity Day 3  Warrior/Mountain - Standing strong to see it through Day 4  Inversions - Taking risks/chances Day 5  Balancing Poses - In between states of the unknown outcome/having faith Day 6  Restorative - Rest/Self Care Day 7  Yogis Choice - Perseverance _ That's it! Let’s do this!🙌🏼💙 #yoga #yogalove #practice #fitness #bodyfitness #fitandhealthy #naturebeautyyogis #inkedgirls #selflovewarrior #yogachallenge #wildandfree #vibesonvibes #bodypositive #crazysexyyoga #freespirit #raiseyourvibration #confidenceisbeauty #youareenough #yogagram #strongwomen #gypsy #fitover40 #yogaover40 #braveyogis
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I wish it was Freyaday already ... 💖🌼🌿✨🙌🏼🌻💫
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