I bought a camera today and downloaded film scans from my trip. Pretty much 16 rolls of me chasing sheep 🐑😂 #sheep #danishsheep #photovision #contax645 #porta400 #chewonthat #rachaelmcintoshphotography #fineartweddingphotographer
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I will always value travel and experience over things, I always have. I don’t know which came first? My love for Photography as a way to document the traveling or the traveling as a need to document new and beautiful places. Either way I know that these two things will always be a massive part of who I am. I grabbed this image walking down the street in Charleston. At the time I was drawn to the globe and the window light. I had this great conversation with a new friend last week about the value of travel and experience over purchasing ‘stuff’. I just came across this image again today and it took me right back to that conversation. A globe for sale in a shop window. My husband and I are building a house and investing a lot of our money in ‘stuff’ right now. We “need” to, we’re raising a family and that’s what seems presently more important. Plus I keep telling myself when the kids go to college we can sell this place and travel to all the places we haven’t been to yet🤞🙈❤️ . . #travel #travelphotography #rachaelmcintoshphotography #ncfilmphotographer #travelgoals #globe #ncphotographer #exploretocreate #photovision #contax645 #portra400 #scfilmphotographer
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