Yesterday my dad asks me if I had time to swap the tires on his drag car so he could race on Saturday. I said yes because I got off work early. I had plans but figured I could get done in time. Well I forgot my big driver and had to do everything by hand. Someone also stood the rear end up on blocks of wood instead of stands, which promptly collapsed when i started packing up the front, scaring me half to death. USE ACTUAL JACKSTANDS. And by the time I was done, the wheels looked great. Dad is getting white letters out whether he wants them or not. And in the end, I was 3 hour late to DnD. All in a day's work. #racecar #dragracing #dragcar #chevy #vega #chevyvega #mickythompson #dragskinnies #newtires #a-bear-racing #bigblockvega #raceprep
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