A #quickrun for #thursday 🏃🏻‍♀️✌🏼❤️
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🏃🏼‍♀️🙌🏻FIRST RUN of the season with the Supernovas, purposeful short run to start off with to test pace, endurance, and whether I had it in me. - Wrote a blog about running I’ll post the link in a bit... Observations: 🙌🏻Thought pace was gonna be much worse so overall happy days, I was slowest in the park dodging people and as I’m clumsy as hell trying not to fall in the river 😂 ▪️ Tried Nike+ Run Club guided but my mistake I used the first guided run and although, no offence, Coach Corey, was motivational having someone speaking in my ear was distracting as soon as I put music on, the right playlist pace picked up - 😗Reaction time skipping through people was alreight just forgot how dodging others can be a hazard 😂 clumsy .. new route needed or earlier morning when it’s less busy - ♥️Felt good to be back out running as I have felt a little lost myself as far as my own training is concerned as touched on yesterday aesthetic is just not doing it for me at the minute I need something deeper right now to get me through workouts and this goal is just for me. Running may not be everyone’s cup of tea and it’s just a tool we have at our disposal to reach a goal, for me Running makes me feel free, challenged and helps with stress management so glad I put my big girl blouse on and got back on the tarmac - Let’s see where I go from here Back to weights tonight though 🥰🏋🏼‍♀️ feels good to have something to love • • • • • #progressaboveperfection #puregymmillhouses #dayonedone #backontheroad #runningisfreedom #outdoorsisbetter #adidassupernova #quickrun #millhouses #personaltrainersheffield #runningfever #jogon #sheffieldrunners
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The other day we made a #QuickRun to this perrrfect spot. #Jamaica is filled with these hidden gems! 😍🌴🌊 Where's the next quick run? 🤔 #QuickRun876 #SpanishBridge #River #Chill #Explore #Adventure #Travel #VisitJamaica #Caribbean #wanderlust
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The babies shoes thou😂😂 #quickrun #Groceries #memesdaily #memes😂 #funnymemes
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